Learn the MERN stack with this video tutorial series

; Date: Wed Jun 27 2018

Tags: Node.JS »»»» MongoDB »»»» Express »»»» ReactJS »»»» MERN Stack

MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, Node.js) is a popular alternative to the MEAN stack, and that has a nicer-sounding name. Therefore many of us want to learn the MERN stack, and this video tutorial series is an excellent way to start.

Learn The MERN Stack [1] - Series Introduction

Learn the MERN Stack [2] - Express API & MongoDB

Learn The MERN Stack [3] - Client Setup & Reactstrap

Learn The MERN Stack [4] - ShoppingList Component & Transitions

Learn The MERN Stack [5] - Implementing Redux

Learn The MERN Stack [6] - Finishing Redux

Learn The MERN Stack [7] - Connecting The Backend

Learn The MERN Stack [8] - Prepare & Deploy

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