About TechSparx

On TechSparx, we cover technology news from all facets of the technology scene. We're not just interested in the latest technology news, but what it means for our lives, what role technology should play in our lives, the broader scale impact of technology upon us all, what technologies will help humanity in real ways, or what technologies cause harm.

"Technology" has the power to help or to harm. All too often the rush to adopt the latest technology means we might miss the flaws in some new gizmo and end up worse off.

For example Pokemon Go caused many to eagerly chase after virtual creatures. It got people to go outside and do something outdoors. But some fell off cliffs, or smashed their cars into buildings, because of paying too much attention to the smart phone screen and not enough to their physical location.

Bottom line - we want to advance the state of technology, while making sure the resulting society is what we want to live in.