Apple may be screwing itself by how Apple overcharges its customers

; Date: Tue Jul 10 2018

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Apple's computers are overpriced, and offer lackluster performance compared to the competition which has updated to 8th generation CPU's. Apple's phone products are designed to be expensive to buy, and expensive to own. Apple foists hardware choices on us, like that touch bar, which are of questionable value, and are highly priced.

The attached video is another example of how Apple is screwing over its customers. This may end up screwing Apple, when/if enough customers wake up and abandon Apple for other companies.

The issues pointed to here are

  • Laptop performance: Intel released 8th generation CPU's in November 2017, and in April 2018, and other laptop makers have all refreshed their product lines to match. Not Apple. The 8th gen CPU's are a zillion times faster, and therefore someone buying an Apple laptop right now is getting screwed.
  • Touch Bar: Apparently Apple is subtly forcing customers to buy this thing, and it is of questionable use.
  • iMac performance: Likewise for the iMac lineup, the base model has not been updated to the 8th generation CPU's. The video presenter notes that the 8th gen CPU's are so much better that it would canibalize sales of the iMac Pro.
  • Repair price for iPhones: The iPhone X is very expensive ($1000 for a phone??) and the glass back is extremely easy to break. Breaking the back is an expensive repair because for some reason everything but the front glass has to be replaced. In other words, Apple designed the iPhone X to be easily broken, and to require an ultra-expensive repair.

See the above image for an example of how easy it is to break the iPhone X. See below for example pricing to fix the iPhone X. BTW - the simplest way to protect the iPhone X is to put it in a case, and to add an extra layer of protective glass on the front. I've done this with my iPhone 6. After a couple drops, the protective glass is broken but the screen is not, and the back is fine.

These are four ways where Apple's product choices are costing its customers a lot of money, while offering sub-par capabilities.

See also:

Example pricing for iPhone X repairs. For the quoted price for out-of-warranty repair you could easily buy a phone from some other company.

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