The list of parts to build your own iPhone 7

; Date: Wed Jul 11 2018

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Scotty of Strange Parts has published several in-depth videos on building an iPhone, and building custom iPhones including adding a headphone jack to an iPhone 7. In this video he walks us through the parts required to build an iPhone from parts. This is not just the logic board, screen, battery, and case, but all the parts, as well as hints on which parts to be extra careful aboutl

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As a practical matter building a phone from scratch requires access to the parts. The manufacturers do not sell these parts openly to anyone. Especially not Apple. The parts will be coming from broken phones, and therefore will be for one or two generations back.

In the video Scotty happens to have an iPhone 7, while Apple's current models are the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (two generations later). There are lots of iPhone 7 parts because of the number of broken or returned phones, and parts availability for the current generation is not so good.

Where to get parts? Scotty hangs out in the Electronics markets in Shenzen, which is where he gets the parts. Possibly the parts can be purchased via AliExpress or eBay. Or you can find broken phones via Craigslist or the like.

How to put it together? Scotty is going to make a video showing assembly. The awesome site is, which has all kinds of repair guides for all kinds of products.

This shows the logic board and the touch ID button. Because they are cryptographically paired, a given Touch ID button can ONLY work with its paired logic board. So... be extra careful. Only Apple can do the cryptographic pairing between these parts.
The display unit. While a large part of this comes preassembled, there are several parts which must be added such as the front-facing camera and a waterproof gasket.
The iPhone 7 battery.
The case
All the brackets
One place to buy the parts - the Electronics markets in Shenzen China

What Parts do You Need to Make Your Own iPhone?

What are all the different parts you need to build your own iPhone 7? Sure, the main parts you need are a logic board, screen, battery, and case, but what about the rest?

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