Looking at a huge astrophotography telecscope, The Explore Scientific ED140 CF APO home

By: (plus.google.com) +David Herron; Date: July 10, 2018

Tags: Astrophotography

This home astrophotography telescope is what you'd upgrade to after several years experience with smaller telescopes. It has a carbon fiber body that keeps the weight of the scope to 20 lbs, even though it is a large telescope.

My HUGE Astrophotography Telescope

In this video, I'll use the biggest astrophotography telescope I've EVER had to shoot the glorious M13 star cluster from my backyard. The Explore Scientific ED140 CF APO is an incredible instrument for deep sky astrophotography. This triplet apochromatic refractor has a focal lenght of 910mm and an f-ratio of 6.5. The final image of the Great Hercules Cluster uses 2 Hours and 9 minutes (129 frames) worth of total integrated exposure time.