The man who spies on spy satellites, watching big brother watching us

; Date: Fri Jun 15 2018

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Several governments have spy satellites in orbit tracking us, so why not focus our cameras on the spy satellites? Citizens can spy on the governments who spy on citizens. Modern technology makes it possible to track how they are tracking us. And it is an exercise in freedom to determine just how it is we are being tracked by the government.

The satellites are visible from the ground, and using a "telescope" we can capture some details.

Of course there are plenty of satellites that can be photographed, not just spy satellites. The task of photographing any of these satellites is the same. You determine the orbital path of the object you're interested in, and get the equipment to track that orbital path, and finally connect a camera to that equipment to take pictures.

Some websites exist containing data on satellite orbits - (

Web-based astronomy calculator - (

A telescope image of the Space Station transiting the Sun - Source: Vice Motherboard
Using a joystick to control aiming a telescope - Source: Vice Motherboard

The Man Who Hunts Spy Satellites

We went to Paris to interview premier astrophotographer, Thierry Legault, about tracking spy satellites in the sky. It's a story of mutual surveillance, adept tracking and ultimately one man's quest to do "things that nobody has done before."

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