Doctor Who Video Snippets: The Romans (S02E012)

; Date: Thu Jul 12 2018

Tags: Doctor Who

In The Romans, we see The Doctor and Vicki go to ancient Rome, supposedly leaving Ian and Barbara alone in a villa they found unoccupied. But, Ian and Barbara were captured by slavers and ended up in Rome as well, as slaves. In the meantime The Doctor takes the place of a gentleman who was intent on killing Ceasar Nero, and various ensuing odd occurrences occur. One of which is The Doctor giving Nero the idea to burn Rome so he can implement his grand vision to redesign Rome.

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Doctor Who: The Doctor's Fight - The Romans

Oooh, so you want a fight do you!!

Caesar's plans go up in flames | Doctor Who | The Romans | BBC

Mistaken for a famous lyre player, the Doctor learns of Caesar Nero's plans to throw him to the lions, but could a fortunate accident lead to a change of heart?

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