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Cleared Google notification of mobile responsiveness issues, traffic did not rebound In April I noticed a sudden drop-off in traffic to one of my sites which was coupled with a Google notification that the site in question had mobile responsiveness issues. After a couple months of work the mobile responsiveness issues have been fixed to Google's satisfaction, but traffic to the site has not rebounded. The site is full of very important content that I believe could make a positive difference in the world, and my goal is getting the traffic to return.
Google and Facebook control 70% of web traffic, and are favoring major websites The web has long been a place where anyone can launch a website, and thereby have their own soapbox from which to speak the message singing from their heart. But it has become harder and harder over the years for the small scale website to continue reaching an audience. The major gatekeepers on spreading our message have become Facebook, Google, and similar sites, and those gatekeepers are increasingly favoring major outlets owned by the major media conglomerates.
Google starting to enforce mobile-friendly web design as a search ranking factor This week the traffic to one of my sites is exhibiting a steep traffic fall-off. For years it has had a solid 1000 visitors per day, or so, and at the beginning of March the traffic started to slowly diminish, then on Wednesday April 3 the traffic fell off steeply. Usually this site has a fall-off on the weekends, so this particular change is ominous. In the Google Webmasters tools is a clue - that at the beginning of March there is suddenly many reports of mobile usability issues. The two are likely connected as Google has long warned of a plan to downgrade sites that are not mobile friendly.
How does a collapsed section affect on page SEO? We might want to optimize the visual space on a web page to display a large amount of text without it looking like "too many words". Visitors seeing a long block of text might be put off and go somewhere less verbose. Using an accordion to collapse sections of text -- I have an example below -- can minimize the vertical space required to display the page. But it requires putting text inside a div tag with "display - none" and the search engines might think the page has negative SEO factors. But by some simple observation we can see that's not the case.
How to create a profitable Amazon affiliate niche site We are all wondering how to monetize a niche site, and many recommend using the Amazon Associates program. Amazon is the big kahuna of affiliate marketing services, with a well-developed program that's been in operation since 1999 or so. That makes Amazon that company an attractive partner, one which it's important to understand.
How to write the perfect blog post in an hour I thought I had a good idea on how to write blog posts simply by starting from questions that I find online. It turns out there is much more to this, and that an organized approach to writing blog posts is extremely helpful. We want to write a good post quickly, which means we cannot follow a haphazard approach.
IndexNow, the new way to inform search engines of new/changed content IndexNow lets us tell search engines of pages which were added, modified, or deleted. Search engines promise to quickly respond to IndexNow submissions.
Intermediate result fixing mobile usability problems after Google enforced mobile-friendly web design as a search ranking factor Last week I saw an ominous drop in traffic on one of my sites that was related to Google starting to enforce mobile-friendly web design on the site. Google has long warned it would start looking at mobile-responsiveness and use it as a ranking factor in search results. My site wasn't too bad in this regard, but some of the pages were outright horrible on mobile devices. Not all pages, only some. I've spent most of the last week working on the issues, and have an intermediate result to show.