NY Times: Russian propaganda inflaming fake 5G Wireless Apocalypse story

; Date: Sun May 12 2019

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According to the NY Times, RT News (a Russian propaganda outfit) is inflaming negative stories about 5G Wireless in order to undermine The West. While RT is a Russian propaganda outfit, one wonders just how truthful this article is. The two substantive claims - RT News is inflaming the backlash on 5G Wireless - 5G Wireless is inherently safe - may be true, or may itself be talking points supplied by the 5G Wireless industry.

According to the NY Times article:

The cellphones known as 5G, or fifth generation, represent the vanguard of a wireless era rich in interconnected cars, factories and cities. Whichever nation dominates the new technology will gain a competitive edge for much of this century, according to many analysts. But a television network a few blocks from the White House has been stirring concerns about a hidden flaw.

This statement strikes me as a talking point from Industry. 5G is about chips and communication protocols. Those chips will be on sale to any device maker at some particular cost. One country deploying a 5G Wireless network in its borders does not prevent another country from doing so in its borders.

How can the NY Times say a phrase like "Whichever nation dominates the new technology"???

Anyway ...

5G Wireless Health Scare

There is a health scare underway for 5G Wireless systems. What I've seen of that health scare is similar to the health scare for all kinds of wireless communication systems. Namely that EMF exposure is bad for health.

This issue has been used to oppose all stages of expansion of the cell phone system, oppose public WiFi systems, and on and on and on. Now the same sort of arguments are trotted out against 5G Wireless.

Those of us sensitive enough to detect electromagnetic signals with our body know that cell phones do make an impact on living tissue. It is known that living tissues -- not just for humans, but for all beings -- are able to detect electromagnetic information. For examples, how do birds know to fly due north if they cannot detect the earth's magnetic field?

Electromagnetism as a generated magnetic field could screw up navigation choices for such birds. But what else is magnetic sensitivity used for in biological beings like humans?

The alarmist theory is that induced electromagnetic fields have been linked to health effects like cancers. But the research on this claim is shaky. One area where it is understood is RADAR systems, where people have been literally cooked by standing in front of a high powered RADAR antenna. So evaluation of the risk of cell phones has been whether it causes internal heating of biological organisms.

But -- according to the NY Times report (link below) because 5G signals are at a higher frequency band, the electromagnetic waves do not penetrate far into the body, and therefore the health effect is minimal.

RT News as Russian Propaganda, and propaganda about 5G Wireless

According to this article the whole controversy is being inflamed by RT -- the news network owned by the Russian Government.

The NY Times article does not say whether RT was the originator of the alarm about 5G Wireless. The article simply states that RT is inflaming it. And that by inflaming this story, RT is serving a purpose of undermining trust in The West...?

It goes on to talk about RT's general role of serving as a Russian propaganda agency. The pieces aired by RT are heavily slanted towards a viewpoint of "Everything Russia does is enlightened, everything The West does is clueless and bound to be a failure." Plus RT has a stated goal of airing information counter to the prevailing business-as-usual paradigm in The West -- which may be useful, but it also serves the interest of the Russian government in undermining the credibility of The West.

Source: (www.nytimes.com) NY Times: Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise

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