Doctor Who: The Three Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee

; Date: Sun Jul 22 2018

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In this, the first multi-Doctor story, we see a situation so dire that the Time Lords must bring together multiple incarnations of The Doctor. The name Gallifrey had not been revealed yet, but the Time Lords "home world" was under attack by Omega. Omega was the Time Lord who developed the time experiments which gave Time Lords the ability to travel throughout time. However in the process Omega was trapped in an alternate dimension, and sought revenge.

There are strange goings-on at UNIT HQ. There is a strange energy blob eating up everything. This turns out to be a "superluminal signal" that's connected to another dimension.

In the meantime The Time Lords home world is under attack, with energy being drained through a black hole.

At first they send The Second Doctor to work with The Third Doctor to try and remedy the situation. This is directly against the First Law of Time, but the Time Lords are desparate.

Unfortunately the Two Doctors are unable to get along. In almost every multi-Doctor story, the various incarnations are seen squabbling with each other. To solve the squabbling, the Time Lords sent the First Doctor as well. But they didn't count on the actor William Hartnell being too ill to take on a full role, and therefore the First Doctor only came as far as a Time Eddy from where he could kibitz.

Eventually The Doctors and UNIT folk traverse a "bridge" to travel to this alternate universe. It's an "anti-matter universe" which would have meant they would detonate the moment they reached the place - but the TARDIS helpfully created a force field to prevent that from happening.

In that universe they met Omega -- in a sense the founder of the Time Lords. He was responsible for the experiments and stellar engineering through which The Time Lords developed the ability to travel through time. But he became trapped in this alternate universe and wanted revenge on the Time Lords, hence the attack.

He also wanted to escape this dimension. However, his body had been destroyed and it was impossible for Omega to escape.

In the end, all they could offer Omega was death -- supposedly.

Doctor Who: The Anti Matter eats Bessie - The Three Doctors

Love Bessie's theme at the beginning, it's so 70s.

Doctor Who: The Gell Guards invade UNIT HQ - The Three Doctors

Benton Meets the Tardis - Doctor Who - The Three Doctors

Probably the calmest reaction of them all. Gotta love Benton!

The Second Doctor meets the Third Doctor | The Three Doctors | Doctor Who | BBC

Gallifrey, the Time Lords homeworld, is under attack. Stuck on Earth in a strange energy field, Jo, the Doctor and Sergeant Benton are trapped inside the TARDIS unable to help. That is until the Time Lords decide to break the First Law of Time and let the Doctor help himself -- literally!

The Three Doctors Unite! | The Three Doctors | Doctor Who | BBC

Upon seeing the bickering between the two Doctors, the Time Lords decide to send in more reinforcements -- this time in the shape of the First Doctor. Can he stop his successors from arguing long enough to figure out what is going on? Amusing clip from The Three Doctors, first shown in 1973.

Doctor Who: Arriving in Omega's world - The Three Doctors

Oh, splendid, who's for a swim!

Doctor Who: The dark side of my mind! - The Three Doctors


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Exclusive First Look: Pertwee and Troughton - Doctor Who - The Three Doctors

Production team members share their memories of working with actors Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, who played The Doctor in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Three Doctors - Picture Gallery (1973)

The First Doctor - William Hartnell -- The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton -- The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

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