Doctor #13, new faces/worlds/times means no old villians means what?

; Date: Sat Jul 21 2018

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The Doctor Who season 2018 trailer released just before Comic-Con promised New Faces ... New Worlds .... New Times... leaves us scratching our heads. No Daleks? No Cybermen? Just what the Doctor Who team means by this will be revealed when the season starts being aired this fall. In the meantime we're left clutching at hints from Comic-Con 2018. One take-away from the video is that while Moffatt's era was an orgy of the return of classic Who Villians (like the Mondasian Cybermen), the new team doesn't want to get hung up on classic villians and wants to start fresh.

I already asked a version of this in: Second trailer to Doctor Who 2018 season, first step beyond 'Brilliant'

According to the attached video the show runners want Doctor Who to be accessible to anyone. That means the new folks coming fresh to the show don't need to feel the weight of learning 55 years of Doctor Who Lore, and at the same time experienced Doctor Who fans need to see compelling shows that feel like Doctor Who.

In classic Doctor Who only a few of the villians returned. Those were primarily the Daleks, the Cybermen, The Master, and The Time Lords. Were the Time Lords villians? That depended on the episode didn't it?

Why was it necessary for Moffatt to treat the Sisterhood of Karn as old friends of the Time Lords able to waltz into the council chambers of the Time Lords just because? The Sisterhood showed up in one episode in the 1980's, were forgotten about except for dedicated fans. Suddenly they're acting as Doctor #12's mentor, and as the ones who helped Doctor #8 become The War Doctor. Oh, and when Doctor #12 showed up on Gallifrey to kick Rassilon out of power, they showed up with a bucket of popcorn to watch the fireworks. Really?

Or... The Movellans ... In The Pilot, The Doctor says something about needing to see some old friends, and suddenly they're on a space ship under attack by Daleks where a group of Movellans are doing their best to fight the Daleks. It's not explained to the audience, instead it's just a random scene in a chaotic episode remniscient of the First Doctor story The Chase. Oh, and speaking of The Chase, there was a random object in the background from the Mary Celeste, a mystery ship from deep in British history that was featured in The Chase. The Movellans are an awesome idea, that was seen in only one episode of Doctor Who, and they weren't even primary characters in that episode, and then Moffatt only gave them a bit role in the midst of an episode that itself was an homage to a First Doctor story.

The point being that - Steven Moffatt is a brilliant writer, but his Doctor Who stories were full of back-references. It's almost as of Moffatt and Peter Capaldi and some others on the staff were geeking out on what could be done, and forgot the audience.

Getting back to the 2018 season of Doctor Who. It seems the new team is promising we'll get none of that. We'll get all new this, all new that, and all new other things.

Which makes me wonder -- No Daleks? No Cybermen? No Master? No Missy? And no Time Lords? Really!??!?

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