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Doctor Who @ 40 years: William Hartnell Era This 2003 documentary marked the 40th year anniversary of Doctor Who, but looked back at the Hartnell era. Therefore it has all our favorite faces like Stephen Taylor and Susan from early Doctor Who.
Doctor Who: The Three Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee In this, the first multi-Doctor story, we see a situation so dire that the Time Lords must bring together multiple incarnations of The Doctor. The name Gallifrey had not been revealed yet, but the Time Lords "home world" was under attack by Omega. Omega was the Time Lord who developed the time experiments which gave Time Lords the ability to travel throughout time. However in the process Omega was trapped in an alternate dimension, and sought revenge.
Doctor Who: The William Hartnell Era William Hartnell was the original Doctor, meaning he was the first actor to hold the role of The Doctor in the Doctor Who TV show. The show aired on November 23, 1963, meaning it was the day after Pres. Kennedy was assisinated. This documentary starts with the narrators mother, who watched the first episode (An Unearthly Child) on its first airing. It quickly goes into discuss Sydney Newman, Verity Lambert, and the founding of Doctor Who.
Hartnell vs Cushing: "Anything You Can do I Can do Better" - DOCTOR WHO Concurrent with the Doctor Who TV program on the BBC were some Doctor Who movies starring Peter Cushing. Those movies reenacted certain of the Doctor Who episodes, but through a very different lens. Cushing played the same sort of Doctor as Hartnell did. Which obviously led someone to think that if the two ever met they might engage in some one-up-manship.
Peter Capaldi's memories of William Hartnell, the First Doctor Peter Capaldi's Doctor is in a way a reenactment of The First Doctor, given that his incarnation is the first in a new cycle of regenerations. Hence throughout Capaldi's tenure there were many homages to the Hartnell era. In this video we have Capaldi remembering who Hartnell was, and what he did for Doctor Who.
William Hartnell Desert Island Discs Interview 1965 This audio interview with William Hartnell discusses how he got into the acting business. Hartnell had a long history as an actor before becoming The First Doctor.
William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time The 50th Anniversary special An Adventure in Space and Time featured a reenactment of Doctor Who's launch, and these clips from the program feature William Hartnell. But not the actual William Hartnell, as the show reenacted the events David Bradley did an excellent job of portraying Hartnell.
William Hartnell in the Three Doctors During Jon Pertwee's time as Doctor, they wanted to have the first multi-Doctor story which came to be The Three Doctors. Unfortunately William Hartnell was physically unable to deal with the stress of performing an entire series of episodes. They came up with the idea to have Hartnell appear for a few minutes each episode, via a video screen, reading a few lines.