Doctor Who Video Snippets: The Reign of Terror (S01E008)

; Date: Thu Jul 12 2018

Tags: Doctor Who

The final episode of Doctor Who Season 1 saw the TARDIS crew land in Paris during the Reign of Terror. While Ian, Barbara and Susan were jailed, The Doctor took a role of some kind of big-wig with a fancy hat. After escaping jail, Ian, Barbara and Susan took up with some revolutionaries, and were there to observe Napolean Boneparte agree to join the revolution, a move that would make him the Emporer.

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Undercover in a Paris prison | The Reign of Terror | Doctor Who | BBC

The First Doctor manipulates his way into a Parisian jail, during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, in order to find his friends. Unfortunately Lemaitre arrives and insists he accompany him to visit First Deputy Robespierre.

Spying on Napoleon Bonaparte | The Reign of Terror | Doctor Who | BBC

In a Parisian inn Barbara and Ian eavesdrop on Barras and the young general Napoleon Bonaparte conspiring to overthrow Robespierre.

Doctor Who: The Doctor gets stuck in a burning building - The Reign of Terror

Doctor Who: Our destiny is in the stars... - The Reign of Terror

Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it!

Travelling With The First Doctor -The Reign of Terror | Doctor Who | BBC

A closer look at the First Doctor's TARDIS. The First Doctor, as portrayed by William Hartnell, had a very specific way of operating the craft. Whilst his journeys were always random and the TARDIS' destinations rarely ever predictable, the Doctor always followed the same careful sequence of operation during dematerialisation and landing.

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