Barbara and Ian leave the TARDIS crew at the end of The Chase

; Date: July 10, 2018

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Good by Doctor, thanks for the ride! Barbara and Ian were part of the original TARDIS crew, and after two years the actors decided they wanted to move on. This video shows their debate with The Doctor outside a Dalek time traveling ship, and their arrival back in London in 1965. At first The Doctor refuses claiming he doesn't want to aid/abet suicide. It was a Dalek ship and who knew whether it would actually work properly. But the end of their contract said the two must go, and so they did.

The crew was on a crazy jungle planet with all kinds of dangerous animals and plants. They'd been chased across all of time and space to this planet by a crew of time-traveling Daleks -- hence the name of the story, The Chase.

On the planet they were trapped by The Mechanoids, a group of robots that had been designed to serve a human crew that was meant to arrive, but their programming had gone awry. The Mechanoids and the Daleks developed a great big battle, while the TARDIS crew (plus Stephen Taylor) escaped down ropes from a city built on mile high stilts.

Stephen was a space ship pilot who'd crash landed on this planet, and was being kept by the Mechanoids as a kind of zoo animal.

Having escaped all that, the TARDIS crew came across the Dalek ship and realized it had to be a time traveling ship. Barbara and Ian put two and two together, and after discussing things with their agents, decided it was time to tear up the contracts, and talk the Doctor into setting up this ship so they could return home.

In this scene we see Barbara, Ian, Vicki, and The Doctor. They'd thought Stephen had been lost in the fire, but he turned up in the next episode having snuck aboard the TARDIS. Vicki had replaced Susan a few episodes earlier when Carol Ann Ford had a similar belief that she needed to move on.

The Doctor started with his gruff old man act - proclaiming he cannot aid and abet suicide. Vicki sweet-talked him into helping Barbara and Ian, by setting up the controls on the Dalek ship, and instructing them carefully on setting up the self destruct.

London 1965 | The Chase | Doctor Who

Having come into possession of a Dalek time travel machine, Ian and Barbara sense an opportunity to go home, to London 1965!

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