The Doctor versus WOTAN in The War Machines

; Date: Tue Jul 10 2018

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In The War Machines, The Doctor encounters scientists developing an artificial intelligence computer which is planning to take over the world. The computer has been hypnotizing folks and ordering them to build robots (the war machines) that are meant to rampage around London and take over the city. These videos show different points in this episode.

To read more about the episode, see: Doctor Who: The War Machines (S03E027)

The Post Office Tower - Doctor Who - The War Machines - BBC

The Doctor and Dodo arrive back in London in 1966 in the shadow of the newly-completed Post Office Tower. While Dodo is thrilled to be home, the Doctor senses a strange energy emitting from the tower.

Doctor Who: The Inferno Club - The War Machines

Doctor Who Is Required - The War Machines

WOTAN's mind control - Doctor Who - The War Machines - BBC

Already under the control of WOTAN, Professor Brett and Major Green snuff out Professor Krimpton's futile attempt to escape the mind-control of the all-powerful machine.

The Doctor calls WOTAN - Doctor Who - The War Machines - BBC

The Doctor's call to the Post Office Tower is re-routed to WOTAN with devasting consequences. Is he too about to become the next to fall under WOTAN's mind-controlling spell.

New War Machine - Doctor Who - The War Machines - BBC

Professor Brett's autonomous new computer has developed war machines - heavily armed mobile computers - which don't much like humans.

The Doctor Stands up to the War Machine | Doctor Who | The War Machines | BBC

As the War Machine lumbers on its unstoppable path, it seems only the Doctor is brave enough to stand his ground.

War Machine vs WOTAN - Doctor Who - The War Machines - BBC

WOTAN uses Professors Brett and Krimpton like pawns on a chess board as it tries to defend itself from the War Machine as it fires its smoke weapon indiscriminately in the control room.

Doctor Who: Dodo's Countryside Departure - The War Machines

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