Kate Stewart returning to Doctor Who in conclusion of The Flux

; Date: Tue Nov 23 2021

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The death of UNIT due to BREXIT was unwarranted and untimely and short sighted of the British Government. Don't they understand how often UNIT has prevented major catastrophe? The NEXT TIME trailer for Season 13, episode 5, Survivors of the Flux, contains a surprise appearance of Jemma Redgrave -- indicating a return of Kate Stewart?

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It's rarely a good idea to jump beyond the evidence. Do we conclude that Jemma Redgrave's appearance in a NEXT TIME Trailer means the return of UNIT? She could be playing an entirely different character, for example.

In (www.youtube.com) NEXT TIME | Survivors of the Flux | Doctor Who (the next-time trailer for episode 5 of The Flux), there is a scene where Jemma Redgrave is apparently having a conversation with The Great Serpent.

Jemma Redgrave in her Doctor Who appearances has played the head of UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce). UNIT has a long history in Doctor Who, going to the 2nd Doctor story about the Yeti's in the London Underground (sorry, I don't remember the title of that series). For most of its history, it was headed by Brigadier Gordon Leftbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney). Within the show, Jemma Redgrave's character, Kate Stewart, was the daughter of Gordon Leftbridge-Stewart.

So... for this actress to appear in a Doctor Who episode, we have to make the assumption that indeed it is the return of Kate Stewart. But, as is typical for BBC's inscrutibleness, they don't explain her appearance. Nor do they explain why Kate Stewart would be talking with The Great Serpent.

This Serpent dude was shown to be the leader of a space-fairing culture of humans on some undesignated planet/empire in some undesignated future time. Why would he arrive at Earth?

The lines he says are rather threatening:

How you expect to protect this pitiful race, I do not know.

The actual sequence connected to those words are:

  • The Lupari guy says something
  • Bel (Vinder's girlfriend) appears when the Serpent starts speaking
  • Jemma Redgrave appears for most of it, and might be reacting to those words
  • The Serpent is seen
  • Immediately after, Vinder is seen drawing a gun while standing in a stone quarry that is doubling as an alien planet somewhere

What I take this to mean is that - perhaps UNIT was resurrected by the planetary government(s) in the wake of a whole fleet of space ships appearing above the planet, and the other events.

As for The Serpent's presence, a wild guess has to do with his empire being affected by The Flux, and he's searching out new somethings or others to gather up etc.


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