Doctor #13, Jodi Whittaker, and TARDIS crew at Comic-Con 2018 San Diego

; Date: Sat Jul 21 2018

Tags: Doctor Who

The first public appearance of the new TARDIS crew happened this week at Comic-Con 2018 San Diego. Present were Jodi Whittaker, two of the companions, Chris Chibnal, and a Producer. They had an hour-long panel in Comic-Con, and also sat for a couple interviews with TV programs.

Cardiff to Comic-Con | San Diego Comic-Con 2018 | BBC America

Full Panel | San Diego Comic-Con 2018 | BBC America

Watch the full BBC America Doctor Who panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The new season of Doctor Who premieres this fall on BBC America.

Jodie Whittaker & 'Doctor Who' Cast Interview | Comic-Con 2018 | TVLine

Michael Ausiello talks Season 11 with Jodie Whittaker, Chris Chibnall, and the 'Doctor Who' cast.

Comic-Con 2018: The Doctor Who Cast On Why It Was Time For A Female Doctor

The Doctor Who Cast Talks The First Female Doctor! ET will be LIVE at San Diego Comic Con with all your favorite stars from the world of TV and film. Stay tuned all day for everything COMIC CON!

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