Is US Patent 11107588 a vaccine-injected big brother tracking system?

; Date: Wed Sep 08 2021

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According to a posting from the Gab social media network, Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started to rain, COVID-19 is a bioweapon, etc, and oh by the way we all must look at US Patent Number 1110758 because the COVID-19 vaccine has tracking technology. The post didn't say which vaccine has this technology. But that doesn't matter since, while the patent in question discusses tracking people to aid in distributing vaccinations, it has nothing about tracking technology which can be injected via a vaccine.

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The idea that any COVID-19 vaccine would be used for mass enslavement has been circulating for over a year. It's claimed that the vaccine would contain some unspecified thing enabling "them" to track you. Presumably such people also think COVID-19 is a preplanned hoax which would be used as cover for a nefarious plan. While there's little or no proof COVID-19 is a hoax, any claim that a vaccine could hide a mass tracking system demonstrates misunderstanding the technology involved.

COVID-19 has been highly politicized, such as all the protests over sensible policies like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. The mass tracking system claims are just one among many points of politicization.

A year ago I analyzed the technological feasibility of mass injection of RFID chips masquerading as a mass vaccination program: Does a COVID-19 Vaccine have 'Mark of the Beast' written all over it? I'd seen these claims, and thought to explore if it's plausible. Bottom line is that RFID chips are the only available technology that can be injected and used for tracking. For example, many microchip (RFID) their pets, enabling the pet that wander away to be identified and returned. But that doesn't mean it's technologically feasible to use RFID chips to track all movements of all human beings.

What is claimed for the COVID-19 mass enslavement program?

PatriotTakes on Twitter

What a load of, uh, I'm not going to write the word that's in mind to describe this. The person who posted this is the person trying to incite fear. It's supremely over the top to say the COVID vaccine is "eugenics, digital ID, and enslavement" all rolled into one. But it's the last claim we're focusing on.

We should note that there are unwanted side effects to the known COVID-19 vaccines. Those side effects are reportedly extremely rare, and going by the reported statistics you're much better off getting vaccinated due to the much lower risk from serious illness.

Consider first that hiding a tracking program inside a vaccination program requires that it must look like a real vaccination program to everyone involved, including the folks poking needles into our arms. The health practitioners giving the vaccinations must be unaware they're giving a fake vaccine, for example, or they'll raise a fuss.

As I discussed in the article linked earlier, RFID chips are large enough to be readily detected by people who have been injected. Those getting the sham vaccination would know immediately they'd been injected with a chip. Since the needle required for RFID injection is much larger than a normal vaccination needle, health care workers would immediately recognize something is wrong.

Beyond the vaccination program itself is the necessity of installing RFID readers any place you want to read the tracking chips. For it to be a robust system of mass enslavement, the tracking chips must be read everywhere. That would require a massive public works program to install the required equipment. Aren't there more than a few cities which would resist or reject such a plan, and raise a fuss? Would the fine people of Berkeley, CA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, or other similar cities agree to such a plan without protest?

Those, and other problems, obviously make it impossible for an RFID tracking program to masquerade as COVID-19 vaccinations.

With that out of the way, let's look at the patent that's supposedly describing the mass enslavement system. There might, after all, be a technological angle I missed in that analysis.

The patent that's claimed to cover injected tracking technology

The title of US Patent 1110758 ( ( USPTO, Google Patent Search), Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals, sounds benign in an ominous way. That is, if they have to specifically call out protecting our privacy, perhaps there is a risk to our privacy? When we start skimming the patent, we see that it talks about "electronic devices" generating ID numbers for people, that will be used for tracking their proximity with other people.

The length of the patent, and the sheer amount of highly technical jargon, easily makes ones eyes glaze over. Some of us will surely get alarmed and start wondering if "they" are tracking us all with COVID vaccines after all?

But, no, that's not what this patent is about. Spend enough time reading it, and you'll realize the system requires a smart phone app transmitting data to a back-end server. The server stores data in a database, then looks over a graph of which people got close to people known to be infected with COVID-19, and prioritizes those people for vaccination.

In other words, this is a darned good idea that could slow down spread of COVID-19. It does talk about generating ID numbers for people, anonymously tracking data about them, and transmitting that data to a server. Yes, the patent does describe a system for tracking people, but to understand why it cannot be hidden in a vaccine we need to understand the requirements.

We'll go over that in a bit, but let's first review how RFID technology works. Contactless credit cards, mass transit cards, and the like are cases where RFID chips are used. RFID chips have no power source of their own. That's why most uses of RFID chips require the chip to be pushed up against the RFID reader. The power driving the RFID chip comes from a radio signal sent by the RFID reader, which is a very inefficient way of transmitting power over a distance. The small size of RFID chips, and the small amount of power available, means the chip can do very little. The entire function of the RFID chip is to receive a number in a radio signal, and to respond with another number which identifies the RFID chip.

The true believer might be saying I'm wrong, that the spy agencies have some kind of super-duper extra tiny technology that can do RFID in a tiny chip, from any distance. If so, how could the government (which does not own chip fabrication facilities) manufacture the chips and the RFID readers required to implement the project? Since each vaccine vial contains several doses, wouldn't each vial would contain several RFID chips? How will the RFID chips not be visible to the health care working making injections? How will they make sure that only one RFID chip is delivered with each injection? Those are just a couple technical problems with such a plan, but let's get back to the patent.

In the summary of the invention, patent 1110758 describes this:

  • An electronic device associated with each person
  • The device has "proximity tracking circuitry", and when the device detects another nearby device information is exchanged between the devices
  • This is called a "proximity event", in which both devices compute a proximity score, meaning how close did the two devices get to one another
  • The proximity event will also gather data from multiple nearby devices, computing proximity scores between all devices
  • Detection of whether the proximity event occurred outdoors, or other well ventilated location, or whether it happened in a non-ventilated indoor space
  • It might require a GPS receiver
  • When the devices are able to, they connect over the Internet to a server to upload any collected data

Implementing that much functionality requires a sizable device, with a dedicated power source, with significant computation capability, and with a wireless data plan that probably requires a SIM card. No amount of super-top-secret-not-released-to-public technology can cram that much functionality into a device that can be hidden undetected in a vaccine.

The rest of the patent describes back-end software, databases, and algorithms to crunch through the data. The goal of the entire system is responding to a pandemic (like COVID-19) by tracking contacts between people. Those who were in close proximity to someone who was later determined to be infected with COVID-19 would then be contacted so they too could be tested and treated.

Attached to the patent is this diagram:

This shows the contacts between different people which might be detected by this software. The lines between each person in this diagram represent the proximity events. From this, the software running on the server generates recommendations of which people to vaccinate first based on their contacts with others.

Remember that COVID-19 is a disease that spreads through the air. Because of the delay between being infected, and the first symptoms, its easy to be unknowingly infected.


There are a lot of strange ideas being passed around about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines. This is just one of many examples.

For example, some claim to have found carbon nanotubes or metals in COVID-19 vaccines. This is being presented as evidence that "they" are purposely poisoning us with these vaccines, because injecting carbon nanotubes is a huge health risk. Or, perhaps, "they" can use the metals contained in the vaccine as part of a tracking system.

Maybe those metals or nanotubes are the secret super-dooper technology that makes the mass enslavement system work? Refer back to the RFID chip discussion earlier, since most of the issues apply. But, how can a metal or carbon nanotubes be capable of processing data, or acting like a computer chip?

Bottom line is that using vaccines for a mass enslavement system requires a lot more than just an injectable something in human bodies. This idea simply doesn't hold water. It doesn't matter whether the implementation uses RFID chips, carbon nanotubes, or magic pixie dust, the system would rely on an infrastructure of other equipment spread around every city and tied into back end computer systems. Where is that infrastructure, and how could it be built without alerting anybody to its existence?

Most of us already willingly carry an electronic device that continuously sends data to centralized computers, and tracks our motion around cities. Namely, our smart phones are constantly pinging cell phone towers. Those pings can be triangulated to provide fairly precise location tracking. What do the cell phone companies do with that data, and is it shared with government authorities?

Despite all that, folks are uncritically sharing memes and other postings describing these plans as if they are truth. As a result, folks have become too scared to take COVID-19 vaccinations. It is reported most of the folks in hospitals with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. In most cases, the choice to not vaccinate against COVID-19 is due to believing stories like this.

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