Does a COVID-19 Vaccine have 'Mark of the Beast' written all over it?

; Date: Tue Sep 08 2020

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We've all seen folks afraid of the COVID-19 vaccine because it has been engineered as a tool of mass enslavement, while warning us about The Mark of the Beast. The only technology that could possibly do this is to somehow hide RFID, or Radio Frequency ID chips, in a fake vaccine. Then somehow, probably through universal surveillance, we would all be under the thumb of Big Brother. But, it is flatly impossible to hide implantation of RFID chips in what would look like a vaccination.

These are crazy times, and one of the crazy-sounding ideas is that COVID-19 is a hoax, and that THEY plan to REQUIRE us all to take a Vaccine against COVID, and that the Vaccine will contain something which will be used in mass control of humanity. How can COVID-19 be a hoax with all the people worldwide who have died of it? If the virus was indeed a hoax, then it would be a huge problem to be required to take a vaccine against a fake illness.

But the topic to focus on here is whether the COVID-19 vaccines that are coming could possibly be a tool of mass enslavement. Many, like the person who held this sign, are worried about The Mark of The Beast from the Book of Revelations.

Yes the situation in the world looks crazy and dire. It is a short slippery slope from where we are to believing it is The End of The World. Hence, many are turning to the Book of Revelations as a way to understand our situation. But, humanity has faced plenty of mass death situations, viruses and other diseases that swept through whole countries and killing people in a scale way beyond what COVID-19 is doing.

While there is lots of evidence that modern society is sleep walking into what can only be described as a Big Brother surveillance state, any vaccine would not be the mechanism. Our smart phones are a much better surveillance tool than anything which can be delivered through a vaccination. In any case, the only technology that could possibly serve as a Mark of the Beast, while looking like a vaccination, is RFID or else Near Field Communications devices.

Neither are suitable for the purpose some fear THEY have (mass surveillance and mass control). But let's think about how such a plan might be implemented.

The plan would rely on implanting an RFID or NFC chip in a way that fool a lot of people into believing they'd been vaccinated against COVID-19. That means setting up vaccination centers, and staffing them with doctors and nurses to performing injections. Then there would be a vaccination process during which the RFID chip is implanted. Finally, there would have to be RFID readers installed practically everywhere in every city, village, highway, building, all wired into a centralized computer system.

Let's put this another way.. The allegation is that THEY want to secretly use this fake vaccine for this fake virus to implant everyone with microchips for a surveillance/control thing. These microchips would serve to implement The Mark of the Beast as predicted in The Book of Revelations. But doesn't that plan rely on fooling hundreds of millions of people?

Delivering The Mark of the Beast

Let's start with this:

Typical hypodermic needle, image is from Wikipedia

The delivery end of a mass vaccination program is something like this, a hypodermic needle. Different vaccination programs used different devices - for example I remember in the 1960's being vaccinated for something at school, and it was a device with four short needles that simply pricked the skin. That vaccination program, in other words, did not use a hypodermic needle, but every other vaccination I've received did do so.

The claims I've seen circulating are:

  • COVID-19 is a fake virus (if so, why are millions of virologists studying it?)
  • There will be a program of forced vaccination of everyone (to implement herd immunity)
  • One of the claimed goals of the vaccination process is to inject something that constitutes a Mark Of The Beast that will enslave all of humanity

Delivering a Mark of the Beast device would have fit within the constraints of a normal vaccination program. The implanted device would have to be part of the injected fluid, the vaccine in other words. As we'll see later, RFID chips that small would not be useful as a Mark of the Beast, and current injected RFID devices are very large.

The next consideration is whether the doctors and nurses performing the vaccinations would know they're not actually vaccinating people, and that they're instead implanting RFID chips. When forming a conspiracy to do something, it is best to limit knowledge of the conspiracy to as few people as possible. Therefore, the planners of this mass enslavement Mark of the Beast project would not want the doctors and nurses to know what they're actually doing. And therefore the program would have to look like a regular vaccination project.

In other words, it had better look like a normal vaccination program to those who are charged with delivering the vaccine.

Therefore, whatever the Mark of the Beast device would be, would have to be small enough to be invisible in vaccine fluid, and small enough to fit through a regular hypodermic needle.

What technology is tiny enough to enslave humanity?

We've been able to establish, through simple reasoning, that such a device would have to be tiny and undetectable to experts at delivering injections. The next question is, what kind of technology would be required to implement enslavement of humanity?

What leaps to mind are RFID chips. Some forms of RFID chips are injectable into animals and humans. While the entire function of RFID chips is identification, the ability to track the travels of every individual in society could be a tool of control. Further, in The Book of Revelations, we're told that The Mark of the Beast would be used to determine who could, or could not, engage in commerce, and we can easily imagine cash registers of the future requiring that we submit to electronic identification.

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. An RFID chip is a simple radio transceiver or transponder. It receives a radio frequency transmission, and responds with a radio frequency transmission giving an identifier number. RFID chips do not have their own power source, and are instead powered by the energy received over the radio waves. Further, RFID chips contain a minuscule amount of computing capability, just enough to calculate the response.

An extremely common use of RFID is the contactless cards used in transit systems, identity cards, credit cards, and the like.

Typical RFID chip, from Wikipedia

This image shows what's typically inside such a card. For the RFID chip to receive a radio signal, and to transmit a response signal, it must have an antenna. In the middle is the actual RFID chip, and the rest is metal wires making up an antenna system.

The distance from which the RFID chip can be "read" depends on two factors:

  1. The size of the antenna
  2. The power level of the device trying to read the chip

The more powerful the reader device, the larger it is, and the easier it is for passers-by to spot.

Here is an example of this kind of card being used in a transit system:

Contactless transit card in Helsinki, from Wikipedia

For these to work, the card has to be pressed against the reader. Even then they aren't always read correctly, and often have to be re-read in order to be registered by the machine. In other words, these cards cannot be read from a significant distance, and the cards cannot be reliably read.

By contrast think about how a Mark of the Beast RFID chip would be used in a universal tracking system. RFID readers would have to be installed practically everywhere, and the chips would have to be readable at a distance, preferably without being noticed by the people.

There are existing RFID systems that read RFID chips from a distance, like this:

RFID E-ZPass reader attached to the pole and mast arm (right) used in traffic monitoring in New York City, from Wikipedia

In many areas the transit agencies offer drivers a method for automatic toll collection. In the SF Bay Area the system is called FasTrak, and in NY City it is E-ZPass. There is a large device mounted in the car, and a reader device mounted on a pole along the road like this.

It is apparent that this device has an antenna, and has sufficient power that it can send a strong signal to activate the RFID device.

In this case people are willingly cooperating with the system, because it makes collecting toll payments much easier than stopping in a toll booth. But, in these systems the government is collecting data on when each participating driver passes a data collection point. The government is using that to collect highway tolls, but what other way could the government use that data?

To make an Mark of the Beast ubiquitous system of collecting everyone's location, RFID reader devices would be installed everywhere. That's not something which can be done without the population noticing it happening.

Biocompatible implantable RFID microchips

So far we've reasoned that a Mark of the Beast fake vaccination program is nearly impossible to pull off, and we've looked at how RFID technology works. The primary limitation of RFID is the power level required to read an RFID chip from a distance.

There are experimental RFID chips that can be implanted in humans, what do they look like? Could this be an implementation of a Mark of the Beast fake vaccination program?

An implanted microchip visible through the skin, from Wikipedia

This is what it looks like after a microchip has been implanted.

It appears the red spot is where the chip was implanted. The chip itself is the bump you can see just below the red spot.

Somehow I think that if vaccine recipients received something like this, they'd know they'd been microchipped, and the nurses and doctors doing the implanting would know they aren't giving a virus injection. In other words, this does not seem like a possibility for implementing a Mark of the Beast.

( PBS Newshour did a story last year about these kind of implants. The story talks about a number of possible benefits. For example they interviewed a profoundly disabled person who has missing limbs and life challenges I'm glad that I do not have to endure, and who has implanted RFID chips to help to control devices around his home. It is very moving that technology could help empower a person to begin to live what the rest of us think is a normal life. But let's stay focused on whether such a device could be implanted while fooling everyone into thinking they'd received a vaccine.

The implanted chip is pretty sizable, and is contained within a silicon/glass capsule. Often they are implanted in the fold between the thumb and forefinger. It is very easy to feel the chip under the skin. One of their interviewees is a bio-hacker and likes to show off the chips he's injected. In other words, chipped people know they've been chipped.

Another learning from the video is that in every instance of using the RFID chip, the chip was held up next to the RFID reader. In other words, this did not show RFID chips being read at a distance.


There is reason to worry about personal privacy and mass surveillance. In some countries the governments are openly moving in this direction using a variety of technologies. In the USA we like to think we have a right to privacy, and that our ability to anonymously walk down the street is paramount.

Certainly that is a goal humans should strive for. We must be free to go about our lives unfettered by mass control systems.

But this particular theory - that a fake vaccine would somehow be used to implement a Mark of the Beast seems unfounded. The problems we've identified in this article are:

  • The inability to deliver chips on a mass scale while fooling everyone into believing it is a normal vaccination program
  • RFID chips cannot be effectively read at a distance, without the reader device being large enough to be readily noticeable
  • Installing RFID readers everywhere could not be done without alerting the public about the existence of the readers

Doesn't seem that it's possible for a fake COVID virus to be a means for delivering a Mark of the Beast.

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