Nuxt.js overview, running Vue.js on the server to pre-render on the server

; Date: September 4, 2018

Tags: Software Development »»»» Vue.js

Vue.js is an application framework for the front end running inside browsers. It supports building single-page-applications (SPA) or simply enhancing a web page with fancy interactivity. However it isn't always useful to have a big application running in the client. With Nuxt.js the Vue.js code is pre-rendered on the server so that the initial load of the page has already-rendered HTML. Subsequent interactivity on the page is still managed by client-side Vue.js code running in the browser.

Nuxt.js - Introduction by Project

Nuxt.js is a framework/ library for Vue.js - it makes the development of Vue.js applications easier and adds easy SSR (server-side-rendering) support. Let's dive in!