Introduction to Time Series and InfluxDB

; Date: Tue May 30 2017

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Influx DB is an easy-to-use time-series database, that uses a familiar query syntax, allows for regular and irregular time series, and is part of a broad stack of platform components. This video goes over what Time Series Data is, a comparison of different Time Series Databases, and more.

Time series is always ordered by a time-stamp, meaning that each measurement occurred at a specific time and that the measurements are sorted by their time of occurrence.

A _regular time series_ has measurements occurring at a regular interval, whereas in an _irregular time series_ the measurements occur when they occur.

An irregular time series can be converted to a regular time series by summarizing. One summarizes a time series, producing a second time series -- for example if the original time series was stock trades over the day, a summarized time series might be the average for each 10-minute interval over the day.

  • Cassandra "Distributed columnar database" that can be used for time-series data storage. Have to implement things a regular time-series database gives for free. Ditto for MongoDB, REDIS, and Elastic
  • kx -- kx systems makes "KDB" database. Popular in Financial industry. Limitation of being an in-memory database and therefore cannot share data across machines.
  • OpenTSDB Strictly speaking not a database, since it is a layer on top of HBASE.
  • graphite A "legacy" system that's more for metrics and monitoring, rather than a generic time-series database.
  • riak
  • Prometheus Very strong in the DevOps world. Not very scalable.
A series is defined as all points with a common measurement and tagset

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