Build a DLP2000 based pocket projector with Raspberry Pi Zero

; Date: Sun Jun 17 2018

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The TI DLP2000 is a compact low power video projector, and while the evaluation board is meant for the Beaglebone it can be easily wired to a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This project, along with the custom adapter board, makes for a very compact video projector that's easily battery powered.

The image here shows the initial prototype - interfacing the DLP2000 evaluation board to a Raspberry Pi 3 can be done, but requires a mess of wires. This is not a desirable result since it is fragile and bulky.

The DLP2000 uses an array of computer-controlled mirrors and filters to convert a light source into an array of pixels of varying hue and brightness. It's an amazing engineering feat that results in a low cost low energy required video projector.

The same mess of wires connecting the DLP2000 evaluation board to a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
And, using it to project a video
This adapter board makes the project much simpler. Simply solder a Raspberry Pi Zero W to the adapter, then solder header pins to the adapter board, that then allows the DLP2000 evaluation board to be attached.
The assembled adapter board, DLP2000 board, and Raspberry Pi Zero makes for a compact little projector. Just add power, and run the Zero with a suitably configured SD card, and you have an inexpensive projector.
The parts for the Raspberry Pi Projector.

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