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; Date: Sat Nov 24 2018

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All kinds of businesses, youtubers, podcasters, and more require fast accurate transcriptions from audio or video. It may be corporate training, shownotes for a podcast or youtube video, etc, the common requirement is text corresponding to the video or audio. Among the make-money-online services, allows you to work in the transcription/captioning industry and make some money. They pay out rapidly through PayPal, and handle booking clients for you.

At ( you'll learn the company offers services in three areas:

  • Transcription of audio or video, charging $1 per minute to the customer
  • Captioning of video, charging $1 per minute to the customer
  • Foreign Subtitles for video, charging $3-7 per minute to the customer
  • Translation of documents into 35+ languages, at $0.10 per word

The website claims over 100,000 customers across all industries. This makes it potentially a good place to hitch your wagon, since lots of clients means lots of work (presumably).

The promises made to ( customers are:

  • Simple upfront pricing -- customer knows the cost before purchasing
  • Secure online ordering -- content is protected, and the workers only use "secure" tools
  • Speedy delivery -- Workers are available around-the-clock
  • Guaranteed top quality -- the workers are tested
  • Powerful technology -- their custom software platform is optimized for productivity
  • Support and customer service -- available 24/7

I went over all that because prospective "workers" will have to understand the context they'll be fitting into. Because the customer is promised speedy delivery, the "worker" must be ready to turn around individual projects quickly, for example. Another aspect is workers are not required to install special software, REV provides it all through their web UI. Finally, look at the pricing charged to the customers, and realize you'll get only a fraction of that money.

Indeed, in the videos below you see

  • Custom web UI to play audio or video, while entering the corresponding text
  • Custom text input format for captioning
  • Pressure to turn around projects in 10 minutes, presumably the timing depends on the size of the audio/video
  • Uncertain if there is quality assurance by other REV staff before delivery to the customer

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