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; Date: Sat Nov 24 2018

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Yesterday I wrote about making money by charging Bird scooters, but Bird is not the only scooter sharing game in town. Lime Scooters also offers a similar gig arrangement, so let's take a look at Lime. The basic customer pitch of both Bird and Lime is covering short range "last mile" travel, and the basic pitch to workers is to earn a significant amount of money by picking up, charging, and dropping off electric scooters.

With Lime Scooters the user installs an app on their smart phone, and the app helps the customer to find and rent available scooters. The cost is relatively low, $1 to start then a few cents per minute.

For the person charging scooters, they also use the app to find scooters to charge. The process is simply, drive out to find the scooters, take them home, or maybe rig up a system to charge the scooters while driving, then charge the scooters, and release them back in the city before 7 AM the next morning.

Lime sends 4 chargers when you sign up to charge, and you can buy additional chargers. The number of chargers somewhat determines the number of scooters you can charge. Obviously with N chargers you can charge N scooters. If you pick up scooters in early evening, you're unlikely to want to release the scooters that night but the next morning, therefore if you want to avoid waking up in the middle of the night you'll be limited to charging N scooters.

To make more money you need to charge more scooters per day, and therefore the number of chargers limits how many you can charge simultaneously, and therefore limits earnings.

Clearly to earn more a key is having more chargers.

Bird Scooters has a similar model

How Much I Made Charging Scooters

n this video, I go over how much money I made from charging Lime Scooters. I also talk about my experience with being a charger and give some tips and advice for people that are considering doing it themselves.

Charging Lime S scooters at home to make extra money

Easy $30+ for charging six scooters, maybe 1.5 hours of work total. Even more income when you can charge 12+ scooters ($60-$80 depending on value of each Lime-S at the time), and drop them off by 8am the next day after pick up.

How I make up to $200 charging scooters

On several days I have earned $150-$220 for charging between 22-30 scooters / within 5-7 hours of work to earn that money. This is a solid way to earn good money for minimal work.

Impressive Income - Charging Scooters (Bird$ & Lime$)

I Lost $512 Juicing Lime Scooters - Side Hustle Review

So I gave juicing lime scooters on the lime app a shot and ended up losing some money. As far as side hustles go, the good news is that Lime Scooters are a TON of fun to ride and the Lime App is actually really affordable. I honestly feel a little bad for the people out there who are scrambling to make $5 on a scooter which is actually more like $2 after your vehicle, fuel and electricity costs so as a side hustle it is not all to great. A side hustle should make you money and not take up a sizable amount of your time, that is why it is called a side hustle is because it is supposed to be on the side of your regular job or income source. If your side hustle does end up taking up a good amount of time it becomes a job which would just be silly. Side hustles ideas are cool.

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