Quantum-locked angels from the beginning of the universe - Don't Blink

; Date: April 3, 2017

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The Weeping Angels were born before the beginning of the universe, apparently. Their curious trait is that when observed, they are quantum locked and cannot move, and can move freely when unobserved. They feed off time vortex energy created by sending victims into the past, and feeding off the time potential of the life which was lost.

Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone

Initial appearance - Don't Blink

A Weeping Angel
Kathy Nightingale
Weeping Angel on the attack
In the garden
Surrounding the TARDIS
Trying to tap into the power of the TARDIS
Caught in each others sight, the Angels are stuck and unable to move. That is until some unlucky construction worker is tasked with moving those angels.
Sally Sparrow and Larry