Series 10 (2017) trailers - the gateway to everything you've been waiting for, or something like that

; Date: Sun Mar 26 2017

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Doctor Who Season 10 starts April 15, 2017, featuring the introduction of a new companion, Bill, and a continuing relationship with Nardol. We know that in the Christmas Special the Doctor regenerates, and indeed trailer#2 shows what looks like the beginning of a regeneration.

The phrase "This is the gateway to everything that ever was or ever can be" features twice in the trailers, so it is significant? Or else a red herring. Anyway, The Doctor could be referring to the TARDIS and it's said to introduce Bill on the concept of what the TARDIS can do. Or else the Doctor is referring to something else - e.g. in both trailers a pyramid like in Egypt is shown during that statement.

The phrase "This is the moment you've been waiting for since the day you were born" also appears twice. Sounds to me like something to say to someone who's facing a seriously dangerous situation.


  • 1814 - very cold snowy scene in a crowded urban place
  • Mars - does that mean we'll see a new wrinkle on Ice Warrior history? An Ice Warrior does appear briefly
  • A place w/ people holding spears and painted with crazy lines - the lines are similar to what Lady Me wore in the Trap Street
  • A spaceship that's a big wheel - Bill is told she's about to be directly exposed to the vacuum of space, is she wearing a spacesuit or not?
  • The Cybermen of Mondas - Are they associated with the wheel-shaped-space-ship?

A sonic screwdriver is thrown across the TARDIS console room to Nardol - in exactly the way the screwdriver was delivered once by the TARDIS to The Doctor. Nardol has demonstrated complete ability to pilot the TARDIS, in the 2016 Christmas Special, and shown a large degree of trust by The Doctor. Ah, but that screwdriver is an old model that had been used by the 4th Doctor.

The creepy-scary-looking-guys-in-robes are known as The Monks. They're to feature across several episodes in the middle of the season.

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