Ingrid Oliver is back playing Osgood in two upcoming Doctor Who games

; Date: Sun Oct 11 2020

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Two new Doctor Who games, The Edge of Reality, and The Lonely Assassins are slated for release in the Spring of 2021, and gives us a new chance to experience Ingrid Oliver playing Dr. Petronella Osgood.

Source: BBC

The new games, The Edge of Reality and The Lonely Assassins are possibly forming a trilogy with an earlier game called The Edge of Time.

The creator talks about different mediums being used, Virtual Reality, Mobile Phone, and Game Console. While the three games are split across those mediums, it is not necessary to play all three. Apparently doing so, playing on all three platforms, gives a deeper experience, but it is not necessary, nor is it necessary to play in a certain order.

The Edge of Time is being updated in relation to the Time Lord Victorious story that's currently underway as I write this.

In The Edge of Reality, the action picks up from The Edge of Time. Also where The Edge of Time was on VR, Edge of Reality appears to be on a game console.

In The Lonely Assassins the game revisits the episode, Blink, and The Weeping Angels. There will be a return to the location of Blink to learn more about that story. Finally, it fits in the genre of "lost phone games", meaning that you're put in the position of having wandered into a East London shop and picked up a mobile phone that then starts leading you through an adventure. The game action is around investigation and exploring, and a bit of Horror.

In Blink we saw two people escape the house in question. In The Lonely Assassins the question is, what if someone else enters that house?

It is The Lonely Assassins where Ingrid Oliver shows up reprising her role as Dr. Osgood.

"If you enjoyed Blink, this is Blink-plus-Osgood" -- Gavin Collinson

The last question to raise has to do with the titles.

  • The Edge of Reality and The Edge of Time versus the First Doctor story, The Edge of Destruction
  • The Lonely Assassins versus the Fourth Doctor story, The Deadly Assassin

In other words, they may have inserted story elements related to those classic stories.

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