Doctor Who News for 2022 (Season 13 1/2)

The Power of the Doctor and the near death experience

(October 27, 2022) The Master of course snarfed up everything he could carry from Gallifrey and in his eternal quest against The Doctor, he used the "forced regeneration machine". That sent The Doctor into a near death experience that was extremely unlike real NDEs.

The yawn of the legend of the Sea Devils

(April 17, 2022) Jodie Whittaker's time as The Doctor is drawing to a close, and she deserves to finally get a good script to work with. An uber-fan like me should have excitedly watched the episode all the way to the end. This episode on paper should have been excellent. A chance to revisit a classic Doctor Who villain race, plus another historical story, and the promise of a large sea monster. But...

Yaz and The Doctor playing hanky-panky? PLEASE NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

(January 2, 2022) The Season 13 holiday special, Eve of the Daleks, included a scene where Yaz was openly declaring her attraction to The Doctor, and crying over the unrequitedness. My belief is that Doctor Who is being diminished by such talk.

Regarding the Jan 1, 2022 Doctor Who holiday special

(November 23, 2021) The BBC today announced a teensy tiny amount of information about the January 1, 2022, holiday special.

Doctor who approximate schedule for 2022 - 3 episodes fairly evenly spread

(November 23, 2021) The BBC today announced sketch of a schedule for the Doctor Who specials during 2022.