BBC helps with UNIT's return by showing UNIT highlights

; Date: Sat Nov 27 2021

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With last weeks Next Time Trailer, we were treated to the return of Kate Stewart to Doctor Who, and therefore it's likely to be the return of UNIT. Today, the BBC posted a YouTube video with a bunch of UNIT highlights. That's a big clue that UNIT is returning. I can only surmise that this highlights video, 30 minutes of rehashing favorite scenes with UNIT, was posted today because tomorrow UNIT is returning.

Source - BBC

The important detail of the moment is that, in the "next time trailer" at the end of Village of the Angels, Jemma Redgrave made an appearance. Within Doctor Who, Jemma Redgrave plays Kate Stewart, the head of UNIT, and the daughter of Gordon Leftbridge-Stewart. Sir Leftbridge-Stewart was the longtime leader of UNIT.

What's in the video is a mix of New-Who UNIT and Old-Who UNIT, leaning heavily on New-Who. It's a shame that so little of old UNIT is being shown, since it appeared in so many fabulous stories. But, I can only surmise that New-Who fans won't typically have gone through the old catalog and learned about the time the Yeti's attacked the London Underground, or the Dinosaur's roaming the streets of London, or when UNIT stormed an old castle that was a prison which The Master turned into a fortress in one of his mad schemes.

Curiously, one of the Old-Who episodes chosen was when the 7th Doctor was identified as being Merlin.

Chris Chibnall's end game here seems to be instantiating the Cartmel Master Plan, giving The Doctor some kind of big role in the scheme of the universe, where s/he is dealing with Gods and Goddesses on a grand scale.

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