We finally know where The Fugitive Doctor fits into The Doctor's history

; Date: Thu Nov 18 2021

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One issue from the Timeless Child storyline is - where did Jo Martin's Doctor, a.k.a. The Fugitive Doctor, fit into The Doctor's story. It was clear the Fugitive was a previously unknown Doctor incarnation, but was it from the future, the distant past, or from an alternate universe? Some clues were strung into Once Upon a Time that we can now identify where The Fugitive Doctor fits.

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For most of the episode, The Doctor and the Companions were in a "Time Storm", and were reliving various points in time in the past. In some cases they relived moments of their own lives, in other cases they were projected into a role someone else had played.

For example, when Commander Vinder was reliving his moment of ethical truth and demanded that his report move forward, it was Yaz playing the role of Vinder's superior officer. Obviously Yaz hadn't been there, but Yaz was put into this role by the time storm.

For The Doctor there was a series of events which we should call The Siege of the Temple of Atropos.

This clearly happened thousands upon thousands of years ago, when The Doctor had those previous battles with Swarm and Azure which Swarm mentioned. It was obviously not The 13th Doctor (played by Jodi Whittaker) who was The Doctor of that time.

Instead, consider this scene above.

The Doctor and her helpers (played by Yaz, Vinder and Dan) had just broken through the front gate of The Temple. The Doctor is striding down the corridor, brazenly challenging Swarm and Azure and The Passengers to surrender. All of a sudden, The Whittaker Doctor see's The Martin Doctor in a reflection in a mirror. That's what we see above, is that moment.

Clearly what's happening is that it was The Martin Doctor who was actually striding down that corridor when that event really happened. But the Time Storm version had The Whittaker Doctor striding down the corridor, to learn that it was The Martin Doctor who'd actually done that event.

To make it doubly clear what was happening - they did this in the show, having both Jodi Whittaker and Jo Martin play the scene of confronting Swarm and Azure.

Next - Confirmation that Swarm and Azure knew all about The Division, and that the Martin Doctor worked for The Division.

Swarm boasting that --

Do you think we would cower before The Division when we have taken control of its dirty secret? A planet called Time. Thinking this could bring the dark times to an end. Time is not controllable, Doctor. It will not do as other beings bid.

Here we are, still engaged in the founding conflict. There is no greater battle than this - the battle between Time and Space. Time shall not lose. Time shall never surrender to space. No planetary mass however sophisticated can imprison the force of Time. This planet, this construction, is not just a fantasy, not just futile hubris, it is heresy.

Okay, there is some metaphysics being said here. Time is a "being"? Something about Time and Space not being joined together, but being enemies. The "founding conflict" was a battle between Time and Space. In the previous episode, the triangle things had some things to say about Time must not be unleashed and that The Moori are some kind of control mechanism.

What we see here is Swarm and Azure claiming that they had banished The Moori, and that Time was not the Prisoner of the Moori.

Perhaps the conclusion of this series has something to do with getting Time and Space to work together?

In any case, we get from this a sense of what The Division is all about.

It's not the same sort of thing as The Celestial Intervention Agency of the Big Finish universe. It's something else, that we don't understand yet. The C.I.A. is presented by Big Finish as a kind of super-secret spy agency that does special missions. The Division we see here is much more than that.

What is the meaning of the word, "The Division"? In one meaning, it could mean a branch of an organization. But, the word "Divide" is here, and perhaps The Division was a force of Time Lords that engineered some kind of Dividing of the Universe into certain discrete parts.

Or else, that's just a Kooky Theory of The Week.

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