First trailer to Doctor Who 2018 season, first glimpse of 13th Doctor and team

; Date: July 16, 2018

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The first trailer of the new Doctor Who season is out, showing the new TARDIS team, and the fact that their culinary choices are not that healthy. That aside, aren't we supposed to take this as a preview of the season? Instead we're given a phrase, The Universe is Calling, and a few character snippets of each. The two guys are loners who seem to like hanging out at the same Chips place, while the young girl likes to hang out with friends and eat pizza.

The last time the TARDIS crew had this many members was during the Peter Davidson era. The show writers always had a hard time getting things for each character to do. Hence, in Terminus they had Tegan and Turlough stuck in some air shafts below decks for most of one episode. Maybe there will be a similar issue in the coming season? But we're here to dissect the trailer, not reminisce over old times.

First scene - we see the young black man in the new TARDIS crew, in a cafe eating a dish with baked beans and some bread and ... if I were British I'd know the name of that, eh? Then there's the magic sound, and the magic lights swarming around him, and someone is eating off his plate, and there's rumbling in the background, he turns startled, etc ...

Calmly eating his beans
Then... someone is snarfing a bite off his plate.

This happens quickly and you might easily miss this bit. But think about the arm in the second picture.

First, this arm is wearing a different jacket than he's wearing. Plus, that hand is holding his cell phone and therefore cannot be the hand that is dipping the whatever-that-is.

Second, it's clearly the same plate and same table because of the placement of everything.

Third, it happens just after the rattling and magic sound and whatnot starts.

Fourth, immediately after is a glimpse of Doctor #13 walking away.

Presumably Doctor #13 snarfed a bite off the guys plate?

Hanging out with the girls
Magic Pizza reappearance

Again - there is some rattling, magic sounds, magic lights, and a quick glimpse of someone walking

First, the same TV show is on in the background

Second, the Pizza was finished, and now it's there again

Third, for the first guy the sneaky presence took food, in this case the sneaky presence gave food? Taking from a guy but giving to a woman?

Reading the Sports newspaper
Reading Beano from 1981

And again - rattling, magic sounds, magic lights, a quick glipse of someone walking,

First, this guy isn't eating anything

Second, this shop has the same feel as the first shop, and might be the same place.

Third, this guy is alone, just like the first guy, while the young woman was not alone. Is that a message in the show, guys are loners while gals hang out with each other?

Fourth, easily missed is the change of reading material. The Beano magazine is clearly not what he was reading before the magic sound and lights.

Fifth, in the background starting with the young lady and her friends is an announcer saying "They've got the makings of a really strong team, great energy, great flair...that's what people are talking about...and I'm excited to see what happens!" The voice sounds like Christopher Eccleston, and the face looks possibly like Christopher Eccleston, but it's very unlikely to get his cooperation for something like this.

Doctor #13 outside the same shop

If we had any doubts that the figure seen during the magic lights/sound/rattling was The Doctor, here it is. This is the same shop front as shown at the beginning of the trailer.

All three of the companions are from modern-day-earth-England. They missed an opportunity for some of them to be from other planets, or other times. In the

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