Can I use a Chromebook with ATT DSL? Or other WiFi router to the Internet?

; Date: 2015-11-12 01:25

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Chromebooks are popular inexpensive computers that are wonderful to use around the house for light-weight web surfing and e-mail and writing. Chromebooks connect to WiFi and sometimes to Ethernet. They can connect to any LAN supporting either. If that LAN has a gateway to the Internet, they can easily use that gateway and provide access to the general Internet.

In this regard Chromebooks are no different than any other computer. There is nothing special required to connect a Chromebook to any network and use its facilities to get to the Internet.

My home Internet is provided by SonicDSL, and is a resold AT&T U-VERSE line. In other words, I am using AT&T DSL except it was sold to me by SonicDSL.

The AT&T U-VERSE box acts like a typical WiFi router except that it has an embedded DSL modem. From the standpoint of the computers I own — MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and two Chromebooks — using this network for Internet access is the same. I turn on the computer, and start browsing the Internet, and that’s it. The U-VERSE router takes care of everything.

In short - so long as you have a properly configured WiFi router providing Internet access, a Chromebook will easily use that router. There is nothing special about AT&T DSL in this regard.