How to run Windows on an iPad Pro

; Date: Thu Feb 20 2020

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Ever want to run Windows on an iPad? Me neither, but apparently someone wanted to do so, and developed a solution. UTM is an iPadOS app that is a virtual machine emulator that supports not only Windows but a variety of other operating systems. File this in the "why did someone think of this" category.

iPads, being closed source machines, do not support running any operating system other than iPadOS. Apple has locked everything down so they control the entire user experience of using an iPad, and 3rd party operating systems are not allowed. But there is a large ecosystem of iPadOS applications available.

UTM is a virtual machine emulator program for iPadOS. That means UTM is like Parallels or VirtualBox in that it allows one to install an operating system into the virtual machine, and run the app's for that operating system.

UTM itself is a port of QEMU, a free and open source virtual machine emulator available for Linux, macOS and now iPadOS. QEMU has existed for many years, is mature, it supports emulating over 30 CPU's, and supports a bunch of operating systems.

Therefore UTM should be able to support a long list of operating systems on iPadOS.

UTM is an open source project that is in its early stages. Apparently there is a lot of work remaining before it is stable.

Another issue is whether Apple will ever allow this in the iPadOS App Store. Current Apple policy is that "Apple does not permit any apps that has interpreted or generated code". Therefore it will likely be a cold day in H--L before UTM will be allowed for general use on iPad's.

Still this is intriguing.

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