June 2019

Self-hosting services using Docker

(2021-12-19T07:01:14.038Z) Self-hosting is the opposite of using a 3rd party cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive, and instead to host an equivalent service, like Nextcloud, on their own hardware. For every popular cloud service there is probably an independently developed open source equivalent one can host on their own hardware. Self-hosting gives one control, and peace of mind that their private information is not being sold to others, and it can save a lot of money from service fees that aren't paid. The personal security implications are huge, since it is known that governments around the world are pressuring internet services for data on user activity. While there is a legitimate need to know about criminal activities, do we really need to risk our data being snooped upon?

Why self-host web services for more control and lower cost than cloud-based web services

(December 17, 2021) Self-hosting is about hosting Internet services on your computers, controlled by you. This is different from just Using the Cloud by signing up for services like Dropbox, Github, Travis, or other 3rd party controlled services. Instead of taking the easy path, just using cloud services, self-hosters have control over their data, and enjoy lower costs. For most commercial services there are equivalent open source alternatives you can host on your own hardware.

An iframe from googlesyndication.com tries to access the Camera and Microphone

(December 14, 2021) The last thing we want is for an advertising network to access the Camera or Microphone on our computer. But, while looking for something else, I stumbled upon messages in the Safari JavaScript console saying that an iframe loaded from safeframe.googlesyndication.com tried to do exactly that.

How and why to use Git Submodules

(December 10, 2021) Sometimes we need to use the contents of one Git repository inside another. A typical example is using the source for a shared library in multiple applications. With Git Submodules, we configure one or more other repositories to check out as child repositories.

COVID-19 was in Europe in summer/fall 2019, negating the official COVID-19 origin story

(November 7, 2021) The official COVID-19 origin story, is that it came from Wuhan China, probably in a "wet market". Certain evidence is available showing COVID-19 was circulating in at least Barcelona and Milan well before the official origin in Wuhan. Recently the US Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released an updated report on the origin of COVID-19. As useful as this report is, it contains a significant flaw in relying on the official origin story in Wuhan. But, ODNI, what about the earlier spread of the disease in Europe?

Carbon Nanotube biological sensor for detecting COVID-19 or other infections

(November 6, 2021) MIT scientists have developed an exciting new technology for quickly developing biological "sensors". Using specially designed carbon nanotube structures, the technology will glow (in the infrared spectrum) in the presence of targeted chemicals. The technique allows rapid development of structures to target specific chemicals, for example a COVID-19 sensor was designed in just 10 days.

Docker Inc squeezing money from Docker Desktop and other Docker tools

(October 30, 2021) From its launch, Docker Desktop was a free product letting us easily install Docker on macOS and Windows machines. Docker doesn't run natively on either, and previously required serious hackery to get Docker running. But, the company behind Docker recently announced changes including describing Docker Desktop as being available for individual developers, education, open source, and small businesses. That's led to some outcry, and calls to abandon using Docker.

Replacing Docker Desktop with Multipass, to avoid Docker Desktop fees

(October 30, 2021) Docker is open source software, and Docker Desktop is a spiffy GUI application to simplify installing Docker on a macOS or Windows machine. It's worth using, because of how easy it makes to use Docker. However, Docker Inc has changed to a freemium model for the Docker Desktop application, which will lead some to avoid using Docker Desktop and instead seek an alternative to avoid paying the fee. What we'll discuss is using Multipass, or other virtual machine, to avoid those fees.

Scary exciting research into robotically controlled beetles

(October 27, 2021) Scientists in Singapore have worked out the muscle structures in common beetles, and methods to electrically control the muscles using a computer. The result is a kind of robot made from a biological organism which can be remotely controlled to perform certain tasks. But, what of the free will of the controlled creature? But, what could go wrong on this slippery slope?

Donald Trump starting a social network named TRUTH is complete irony

(October 22, 2021) Ex-President Trump was kicked off of Twitter and Facebook for repeated violations of terms of service, engaging in hate speech, saying lies about the 2020 Presidential election, and a whole lot more. He is widely known to be an unrepentant repeat liar of huge proportions. He has launched a new media business, TRUTH Social, that promises to be an open and free global discussion. But, "TRUTH", really? Trump? Truth?

SerpClix is a great side hustle and you'll enjoy it, they said (REVIEW)

(October 4, 2021) On a list of great side hustles I found SerpClix one of the intriguing choices. It sounded easy, you'll be given search phrases to plug into Google, which links to click on, and you'll earn a few cents per click. But....

I want Facebook to keep its nose out of my voter registration status

(September 28, 2021) It's important that a large percentage of citizens vote in elections. It's important that we are registered to vote, that we vote in every election, and that our votes are counted correctly. But that does not give Facebook the right to collect demographics data about our voting registration status.

Watching the Matrix Resurrections official trailer is one huge YES YES YES YES

(September 9, 2021) Remakes of popular movies often leave fans wanting. With Star Wars, for example, it was disappointment after disappointment. With The Matrix, they could have screwed it up a zillion ways. The story seemed finished, with Neo rebooting the Matrix. What more was there to tell of that story? But the first trailer, premiered today, is one huge YES, and it appears they came up with something new to say.

Is US Patent 11107588 a vaccine-injected big brother tracking system?

(September 8, 2021) According to a posting from the Gab social media network, Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started to rain, COVID-19 is a bioweapon, etc, and oh by the way we all must look at US Patent Number 1110758 because the COVID-19 vaccine has tracking technology. The post didn't say which vaccine has this technology. But that doesn't matter since, while the patent in question discusses tracking people to aid in distributing vaccinations, it has nothing about tracking technology which can be injected via a vaccine.

Ominous blue flashes in sky during Sept 2021 Acapulco earthquake

(September 8, 2021) On September 7, 2021, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Acapulco Mexico. The earthquake lasted for a minute, caused buildings to sway, roads to undulate, and sent people running to the streets for safety. There they saw strange blue lights flashing in the sky, and of course many recorded the lights with their smart phones with multiple postings on Twitter and elsewhere. Some of the videos looked straight out of a bad science fiction horror movie, but they were real life.

Securely voting by mail with paper ballots containing QR Codes

(August 16, 2021) The covfefe of the last few months has been supposed election fraud due to mail-in voting. While Pres. Trump and his acolytes have spread huge lies about the 2020 election, time moves on and and there are other elections coming up. On August 6, 2021, a tweet by @ElectionWiz breathlessly warned us about California's "home ballot system" that lets folks print their own ballots, and obviously "what could go wrong" with the upcoming recall election? That warning, however, was probably 1000% bogus. If nothing else, RAVBM has been in use for several years, and they're only now raising an alarm? But, there's a bigger issue with ensuring the election system is so completely secure that naysayers have no room to cast doubts. A fairly simple technology is available, the QR Code and other forms of Matrix Barcodes, which could be embedded in ballots, and which would all but eliminate uncertainty about the validity of mailed in ballots, even ones printed at home.

Medium giving writers more direct access to their audience

(August 11, 2021) Most content creator platforms have maintained control over the subscribers to each Creator. Any notifications are sent by the the content platform, are completely branded by the platform, and serve the platforms purpose. The content creator hasn't been in control over when notifications are sent, what are in the notifications, nor can the content creator export the list of subscribers to use on another platform. Today, Medium.COM changed that arrangement, by allowing readers to subscribe to e-mail notifications from specific writers, and by giving writers in the Medium Partner Program more tools for directly contacting those who subscribe to content.

DIY hard disk cages for DIY network attached storage (NAS)

(July 22, 2021) Looking at the prices and features of NAS devices like QNAP, Synology or Drobo, you might think it requires specialized parts at a high price. In reality, disk drives have standardized mounting holes, using standardized screws, and it's possible to build simple drive cages for a fraction of the price. To turn the do-it-yourself (DIY) drive cage into a data storage solution requires a couple more parts, such as a computer and some USB adapters. But the starting point is to build a low cost DIY drive cage.

Scam proposal to misuse my Upwork account

(July 21, 2021) On the freelance jobs website Upwork, some jobs are open only to US Residents. These "US Only Jobs" apparently go for higher fee's than the non-US-only jobs. This morning I received an offer from a guy seemingly in China who wanted to use my Upwork account to apply for US-only jobs. As a scam this seemed ingenuous, but since it was a pure unadulterated scam, and because it would be a complete violation of Upwork's terms of service, I've reported the scam to Upwork (and Guru.COM) who is taking action.

Content platforms (Medium, YouTube, etc) are rigged against individual creators

(July 20, 2021) Many recommend making money working online by creating "content" for platforms like YouTube, Medium, or many other user-generated-content platforms. You create and upload content, to earn income from visitors to the website, who are viewing videos, reading articles, or ordering t-shirts. However enticing it is to find an audience on a content platform, the platform owners are in the drivers seat, and the terms of the deal can change at any time.

Pentagon UFO/UAP report describes craft with capabilities way beyond human technology

(June 25, 2021) Today, the US Defense Department delivered to the US Senate a long-awaited report on what's called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), or what the rest of us call Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). The report does not definitively explain the phenomena, disappointing those who wanted this to be a major Disclosure event. Despite that, the report is a major step forward because it is the first admission by the Defense Department that the UFO/UAP story has credibility.

Conservative news site hiring writers to regurgitate predetermined truth

(June 25, 2021) An enduring feature of the last several years is the rise of fake news outlets, engaging in a war on truth designed to manufacture consent using crafted fake news. Something we must understand is how fake news is created and amplified. What we have as evidence today is a job listing on Upwork for freelance writers to write Conservative "News" pieces for a major site. The media company will provide the information to write, allowing the writers to focus on cranking out words, with each writer expected to produce 10 or more articles a day. Nowhere does the job description talk about journalistic ethics, cultivating sources, having balanced perspectives, or the other elements of real journalism.

COVID-19 origin in question due to early detection in Barcelona on March 2019 and Milan in December 2019 (UPDATE)

(June 5, 2021) The official story of the origin of COVID-19 (SARS-nCOV-2) is an origin in a Wet Market (market where live exotic animals are sold) in Wuhan China, in November-December 2019, and that the virus made a jump from Bats to Humans. They eat bats in China, by the way. But, new evidence has appeared showing that COVID-19 was clearly circulating in Lombardy (Italy) in September 2019, and possibly in Barcelona (Spain) in March 2019. That indicates an earlier spread of the virus and raising doubts about the official story.

Leak: Defense Dept report on UAP/UFO phenomena will say no proof of alien contact

(June 4, 2021) Subsequent to videos released in 2017 showing US Navy fighter jet pilots chasing vehicles of unknown capability, the Defense Department was required to create a report on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). That's a convoluted phrase for what the rest of us call UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object. The videos in 2017 clearly show highly trained Navy pilots chasing after vehicles exhibiting characteristics unknown to current day humanity. But just because there's no proof those craft are of extraterrestrial origin does not mean they are not extraterrestrial.

Canada's military is documenting UFO/UAP sightings

(June 2, 2021) A recent report by a medical flight in northern Manitoba demonstrates that the Canadian military is collecting reports of unexplained sightings which may be UFO's. The flight, on Jan. 6, 2019, was a routine medical transport mission to Thompson Manitoba, but they saw a strange light following their airplane at the same altitude. The event was then reported through CIRVIS to military headquarters in Ontario.

Recording a Raspberry Pi desktop using a HDMI Video Capture device and OBS Studio

(May 27, 2021) How do we record HDMI video? Does recording HDMI video require expensive gear? It turns out the HDMI output from a computer can be easily recorded with a cheap HDMI video capture device costing around $25.

DIY Convert Lumix DMC-ZS3 for infrared or full spectrum photography

(May 4, 2021) Digital camera sensors are often sensitive to infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) light. The manufacturers add filters to cut out that unwanted light in order to have sharp images. But some of us want to do other kinds of photography. The DMC-ZS3 was at one time a top end point-and-shoot camera and is still very good and available at very low cost, making it a good platform for experimenting with IR Conversions of digital cameras.

US Supreme Court rules Google's use of Java SE API is 'fair use'

(April 5, 2021) Today, the US Supreme Court settled, in Google's favor, an important part of the long-running lawsuit between Oracle and Google over the latter's use of the Java SE API in Android. The ruling determined that while indeed Oracle had a valid copyright over the Java API, that Google's use of that API falls under Fair Use. The result negates Oracle's ability to win damages from Google, but more importantly validates programmers freedom to reuse API definitions. An Oracle win in this case would have had a chilling effect on programmer freedom.

Self-hosted Docker infrastructure in home or office using low-cost computers like Intel NUC

(March 26, 2021) Using Docker, and a simple small computer, you can build a powerful computing "cloud" in your home, on your desktop, at low cost, giving you control over your data. If you need more power, adding another computer or three to the mix quickly adds more capabilities. For almost any popular 3rd party service like Github, Dropbox, and Trello, there is an open source package that might even be better. With open source operating systems, open source packages like Gitea, Nextcloud, and Kanboard, you gain control over your destiny.

Scheduling background tasks using cron in a Docker container

(March 25, 2021) The cron service has, for time immemorial in Unix-like systems, long helped us schedule the occasional background process that keeps our systems ticking. Typically it is used to gather up or summarize log files, or collect and process data from external systems. In the old days when e-mail exchange, and the all-too-important Usenet news exchange, happened using UUCP over modem lines, a cron job scheduled regular UUCP calls to neighboring servers. Having cron running in the background is part of normal Unix/Linux/etc system admin practices. Even though the crontab format is kind of hokey, we all learn it and set up automated background tasks to keep the world functioning. Let's see how to set this up in a Docker container.

Using multiple databases and PHPMyAdmin in a single MySQL Docker instance

(March 20, 2021) Sometimes our applications need multiple database, but with a single database server instance. The typical recommendation is for each Docker container to serve a single application. For databases, that means one database server for each application. That's the result of following a theoretical best practice, but isn't there another best practice to avoid excess processes and overhead? MySQL, like most other database servers, can support multiple databases, multiple user identities, and has an extensive system for controlling access on IP address, user names, and passwords. The MySQL container for Docker is easy to use, but supports only a single database instance per server container. In this article let's learn how to go ahead and configure the MySQL container for Docker to support multiple databases each with their own user ID.

Connect with SSL to MySQL in Docker container

(March 17, 2021) MySQL might throw an error when an application connects without using SSL to encrypt the connection. Therefore the MySQL team clearly hints it is best to use SSL connections to MySQL servers. Clearly a database connection has critical data that you don't want to leak to 3rd parties, and encryption is a great counter-measure. The official MySQL Docker container automatically generates a set of SSL certificates to use for connections, so let's see how to put those certificates to use.

Using SSH to remotely control a Docker Engine or Docker Swarm in two easy steps

(March 15, 2021) To remotely manage a Docker instance, we can SSH into that host to run Docker commands there. But a not-well-documented Docker feature lets us remotely access, and manage, Docker instances from the comfort of our laptop, via SSH. It's fast, easy and very powerful.

Set up MySQL using Docker on your laptop

(March 10, 2021) Setting up MySQL on Docker is fairly simple, and the MySQL team has created a flexible Docker image that can be used in many ways. Databases, like MySQL, serve as the data persistence and retrieval layer of many applications we might deploy.

Running MongoDB with Docker and Docker Compose

(March 10, 2021) MongoDB, as one of the popular NoSQL databases, is part of many software projects. Hence, one must sometimes know how to configure and setup MongoDB in a Docker environment.

Understanding MySQL the Access Denied error in or outside a Docker container

(March 10, 2021) I once wasted more than a full workday fighting the MySQL error message Access denied for user (using password: YES). After finding the solution I want to help others avoid this problem. Along the way to fixing the issue, I learned a lot about how MySQL authenticates user ID's. I've been using MySQL for years and had glossed over this topic, but it turns out to both not be terribly difficult, and very crucial to the solution.

Wordpress local development environment with Docker and Docker Compose on your laptop

(March 9, 2021) We normally install Wordpress on a public Internet server, and installation on your local machine is normally limited to developing or testing a Wordpress feature or theme. The development loop is a lot shorter when you can directly edit Wordpress files on your machine, as opposed to working out a method to edit remote files. While it's convenient, it's not always clear how to create a website hosting environment on your laptop. In the past we would use MAMP (or the Windows equivalent), which is a macOS-native environment for running Apache/MySQL/PHP stacks. But today we have a different tool, Docker, that is easily able to run that stack, as well as any other stack. Docker easily runs on a laptop, so let's take a look at using it to run a local Wordpress development environment.

Deploying MySQL to get started using a Docker Compose file

(March 8, 2021) While the docker run CLI command is powerful, Docker Compose files let us succinctly describe a whole system of Docker containers, virtual networks, and file systems, in one easy to read file. This is a powerful tool with which you can easily describe deployment of a full application stack. Compose files support not only deployment to the local Docker host, but to Docker Swarm clusters, and now to AWS ECS and Azure ACI cloud platforms.

Set up PHPMyAdmin and Wordpress Docker containers using existing MySQL

(March 5, 2021) There are several ways to launch a PHP service, backed by a MySQL database, on Docker. That combination is literally the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/etc), and we can use Docker to easily set up this combination on our laptop or deploy it to a production server. Elsewhere we went over setting up MySQL on Docker, so lets now demonstrate the LAMP Stack, on Docker, by deploying PHPMyAdmin and Wordpress on our laptop.

Familiarizing ourselves with Docker

(March 4, 2021) Getting to know Docker by running a few commands.

Implementing HTTPS with Docker services on AWS ECS using Docker Compose

(February 5, 2021) Thanks to a new Docker CLI feature we can directly deploy to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) using a Docker Compose file. It's very cool, and greatly simplifies deploying applications to AWS, but it lacks an important feature which is implementing HTTPS support. The solution offered by the Docker team involves rewriting the Cloud Formation template they generate for us, so let's learn how it works.

Trump supporters claim rally for killed Police Officers was in support of Trump

(October 12, 2020)

It's close to the 2020 election, and among the craziness is this claim that motorcyclists are supporting Pres. Trump in a huge way. It's likely that more than a few motorcyclists do support Pres. Trump, but the picture here is not about Trump. Motorcyclists often form convoys like this to honor someone, but this particular honor ride was not for Pres. Trump. It was to honor Dallas police officers who'd died in the line of duty in 2016, many months before Pres. Trump's election.

Getting started with Docker: Installation, first steps

(October 8, 2020)

Let's start this journey into Docker by learning how to install it on popular systems, namely macOS, Windows and Linux. Installation is very simple thanks to the hard work of the Docker team. You youngsters don't know how easy you have it now that Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows exist. Long gone are the days when we had to install VirtualBox along with a specialized virtual machine to use Docker.

Wordpress production deployment with Docker Compose

(September 25, 2020) Hosting a Wordpress site in Docker is relatively easy, and is largely a matter of properly configuring three standard containers. It requires a MySQL database, NGINX, and the Wordpress PHP-FPM container, with simple configuration. Starting from a freshly provisioned virtual server, the process takes less than two hours to set up hosting with HTTPS support.

How to share a Docker network between Stacks deployed to a Docker Swarm

(September 20, 2020) How do you handle a system deployed to Docker Swarm, with multiple Stacks, where a container in one Stack must communicate with a container in another Stack? For example, you may have a database Stack, and an application layer Stack, where the application needs to communicate with the database. It's simplest to put both into the same Stack. But it's a best practice for the database to stay running, and to separately bring the application up and down to deploy updates. Therefore it's best to use separate Stacks for each layer, raising the question of how will the application containers find the database containers.

Does a COVID-19 Vaccine have 'Mark of the Beast' written all over it?

(September 8, 2020) We've all seen folks afraid of the COVID-19 vaccine because it has been engineered as a tool of mass enslavement, while warning us about The Mark of the Beast. The only technology that could possibly do this is to somehow hide RFID, or Radio Frequency ID chips, in a fake vaccine. Then somehow, probably through universal surveillance, we would all be under the thumb of Big Brother. But, it is flatly impossible to hide implantation of RFID chips in what would look like a vaccination.

TALON, the big-brother-like license plate recognition network to track all car movement everywhere

(August 19, 2020) A new initiative, TALON - the Total Analytics Law Officers Network, aims to build a nationwide (USA) license plate tracking system for law enforcement. The company behind this effort, Flock Safety, talks glowingly of the benefit of more efficiently capturing suspects. But what about instances of false identity?

USPS being destroyed not just over election, but for replacement with FEDEX/UPS/DHL/etc

(August 15, 2020)

The US Postal Service has existed for over 200 years, and is a vitally important part of America. It reaches into every last nook and cranny in the USA, delivering mail and packages through all kinds of weather. But short term political calculations seem to have driven the Trump Administration to destroy the US Postal Service. According to the mass media this was undertaken as an election tactic, to prevent the voters from mailing in ballots. But it's been a long time dream in so-called-Conservative circles to eliminate the USPS so that entrepreneurs can can do the job more efficiently, as they claim.

It's true that Pres. Trump has repeatedly attacked the US Postal Service, and the USPS is removing mailboxes and sorting machines. What's uncertain whether these moves are solely focused on the 2020 election, or whether it is to fulfill a long-standing Conservative/Corporatist goal of replacing the USPS with for-profit commercial service providers.

Configuring Terraform to use for deploying AWS Infrastructure

(August 13, 2020) Terraform is a powerful tool for configuring infrastructure on a long list of cloud-based systems. Since AWS is such a complex system we look for simpler ways to do anything on AWS. Get started means installing and configuring the AWS CLI before using Terraform to simplify AWS deployment.

Fixing could not read Username for 'https://github.com': No such device or address in Jenkins

(August 12, 2020) You might have a successfully executing build task in Jenkins, then suddenly need that build task to push to a Github repository. For example, it might render a statically generated website to push to the gh-pages branch for display using Github Pages. But this inscrutable error message comes up. There is a fairly simple fix, especially if you're using an HTTPS URL to access the Github repository.

Setting up the AWS Command-Line-Interface (CLI) tool on your laptop

(August 10, 2020) The AWS platform is an incredibly diverse and mature cloud hosting platform, and the AWS CLI is your gateway to interacting with AWS from the comfort of your laptop. Instead of going click-click-click on the AWS website, you type commands from the command line, and you can even use those commands in scripts for semi-automated control of AWS resources. In this guide we'll go over how to install the AWS CLI tool on your laptop.

COVID-19 origin in question due to early detection in Barcelona on March 2019 and Milan in December 2019

(July 25, 2020) The official story of the origin of COVID-19 (SARS-nCOV-2) is an origin in a Wet Market (market where live exotic animals are sold) in Wuhan China, and that the virus made a jump from Bats to Humans. They eat bats in China, by the way. According to this Oxford Univ researcher, samples of COVID-19 RNA were found in samples from the Barcelona sewage system in March 2019, and other sewage systems in Europe a little later. That indicates an earlier spread of the virus and raising doubts about the official story.

U of Houston researchers develop COVID-19-killing air filter for HVAC systems

(July 11, 2020) Rather than sit around moaning about being unable to do anything because COVID-19 fears say we can't go anywhere, researchers at the University of Houston went to the lab and developed a “catch and kill” air filter that can trap the virus responsible for COVID-19, killing it instantly. The device is simply a nickel "foam" air filter, that is heated to a temperature that kills pathogens. That's it, very simple, and shown to be effective at killing 98% of COVID-19, as well as other pathogens, in one pass through the filter.

YouTube shuts down channel for Repair Video creator Jordan Pier

(July 7, 2020) Is YouTube moving against Right to Repair activists who post "repair videos"? In the last couple days, YouTube shut down the Jordan Pier channel because of supposed repeated violations of terms of service and copyright. Going by reports, this channel had been in operation since 2006 and contained videos about repairing vintage electronics. The fellow running the channel owns a shop in San Diego specializing in vintage electronics repair. Which makes one go WTF HOW COULD THAT INVOLVE ANY COPYRIGHT VIOLATION?

Using NGINX, Lets Encrypt and Cron in Docker to manage HTTPS/SSL certificates for multiple domains

(July 5, 2020) NGINX is a hugely flexible webserver with which it's very easy to manage HTTPS with Lets Encrypt. With a simple configuration file it is easy to add HTTPS support to a back-end service, using NGINX's reverse proxy. It's possible to use this for deployments both small and large. As with any website Internet-visible nowadays, it is necessary to use HTTPS. Which leads to the task of using Lets Encrypt to provision SSL certificates for several domains, using NGINX to terminate the HTTPS connections, while proxying from NGINX to the actual services. This blog post discusses a Docker container designed explicitly for that purpose.

Manage Letsenrypt HTTPS/SSL certificates with a Docker container using Cron, Nginx, and Certbot

(June 29, 2020) Modern websites must have HTTPS support for security reasons. As a result web browsers and search engines have begun downgrading sites that do not support HTTPS. That means we all must have a simple, low cost, way to set up HTTPS support on our websites. The Letsencrypt project offers free SSL certificates for HTTPS. In this project we will create a Docker container for handling HTTPS via Nginx, and automated SSL certificate renewal using the Letsencrypt command-line tools (Certbot).

How to enable passwordless SSH login on Ubuntu 20.04 that's inside Multipass

(May 31, 2020) Multipass is an excellent tool for running Ubuntu on macOS or Windows laptops. Out of the box it does not enable passwordless SSH access to the Ubuntu instance, and instead you use the multipass shell command. Sometimes you need passwordless SSH access, however.

Avoid 'could not be accessed' error when deploying a Service to a Docker Swarm on AWS

(May 30, 2020) Launching a Docker Swarm on EC2 instances is relatively easy, but of course there are pitfalls. One involves deploying a service to the swarm, but getting an error message about being unable to access the container image from the ECR registry.

Pres. Trump endorses violent response to Minneapolis protests, earns Twitter warning

(May 29, 2020) In what is sure to earn another Trump tirade, Twitter has put a warning on his tweet this morning threatening a violent response to protests in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis (and elsewhere around the country) have seen some violence, with a police station burned, other buildings burned, a shooting in another city, and so forth. Into this maelstrom of emotional outburst, Pres. Trump threatens to start shooting people, causing Twitter to add a label reading "This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible."

Pres. Trump attacks Internet after Twitter adds fact-checking to his tweets

(May 28, 2020) President Trump is engaging in a multi-front war against mail-in-voting, and on one of those fronts Twitter started adding fact-checking links to Trump's tweets. Today, President Trump responded by issuing an Executive Order that aims to regulate how social media companies moderate the content posted on their networks. We've known all along that Pres. Trump has strong authoritarian tendencies, and this is a clear example of Trump's belief in ruling by dictate.

Raspberry Pi 4 gets 8gb memory, USB Boot, and 64 bit OS, heralding new use as desktop system

(May 28, 2020) A cluster of Raspberry Pi announcements has us thinking "Desktop Computer from Raspberry Pi?" Last week videos started circulating showing how to boot a Raspberry Pi from USB, then today the Raspberry Pi Foundation unveiled an 8GB model, and support for a 64 bit version of Raspberry Pi OS (formerly known as Raspbian). Taken together this vastly increases the possibilities for how this diminutive humble little computer can be used.