A Ukrainian YouTuber summarizes memories from other Ukrainians about Chernobyl accident

; Date: Sat Jun 29 2019

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There are lots of eyewitness accounts about the Chernobyl accident available online, but they're written in Ukrainian or Russian. Unless you know the key phrases in Russian for the Chernobyl accident, Google won't show you these accounts. This Ukrainian YouTuber who is also fluent in Russian and knows English found these accounts, and summarizes them for us. The video is also full of authentic pictures from the Chernobyl reactor both before, during and after the Chernobyl accident.

One account was a woman living in Pripyat. She said that no announcements were made, but there were lots of rumors. They could not reach the power station by phone, all they had were "ugly" rumors that something horrible had happened. The only solid evidence locals had that an accident had occurred is that trucks routinely went out to spray the streets with foam. Because of that the locals new the power plant had made "releases" quite often. "Releases" in this case obviously meant radioactive releases.

Obviously the plant had simply blown up and the reactor was on fire spewing radioactive stuff directly into the atmosphere. We know that in retrospect, at the time the officials kept the locals in the dark.

The next comment came from Yuri Andreev, a shift manager at the Chernobyl plant. He'd had a night shift the day before the accident and was not on site during the accident. The next morning his wife came back from the market, and told him the rumors. That there'd been an accident, people died, an explosion, etc. His response was that was impossible, that an explosion was not possible. But seeing trucks spraying the streets demonstrated to him that a problem had occurred.

He went on to say that in 1982 an accident occurred at Chernobyl unit 1. It was a small accident, with one "channel" melting down.

After that accident they washed down the streets, and then replaced all the blacktop in town. And they replaced sand in childrens sandboxes.

He closes by saying he had read the written procedures for the reactor. Apparently the written procedure was to manipulate the reactor so that it would explode on purpose. Meaning that it's possible the Chernobyl incident was not an accident, but a result of the procedures.

Quote: "That someone who knew about dangerous modes of that reactor, of its vulnerabilities, they, on purpose, created the procedure to make reactor go nuclear at that point, well not nuclear, to go explode. And the purpose of that was not only to explode the reactor but also to explode and implode the Soviet Union."

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