How to make wireless LED's, no battery needed

; Date: Sun May 26 2019

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In Tokyo a product was found, LED's that can receive power wirelessly. The LED's are meant to be put into robot statues -- think the Japanese Manga Robots -- so the robot can light up without needing batteries or wires. That led Scotty from Strange Parts to explore how it was done, and in general how to do wireless power transmission.

Upon taking apart the product Scotty found parts designed by Power Republic for power transmission. What looked like an impressive base was just a plastic frame containing a wire loop and a board made by Power Republic. And the teensy tiny LED's, were a simple wire loop around a ferrite core, along with a couple capacitors and an LED.

Between the two wire loops, you have the basis for a transformer with an air gap in-between.

Scotty managed to replicate the wireless LED by itself. He ended up with a simple wire loop about 6 inches across and was it 60 turns? That was soldered to an LED and not only could he power the LED off of the stand, but he also powered it off a normal Qi Wireless Cell Phone Charger.

I found wireless LEDs - no batteries needed! in Akihabara, Tokyo

Power Republic's Wireless power Transfer Applications-smartphone charger_mobile charger

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