Example YouTube advertising revenue decline -- but YouTube huckster ignores adpocalypse

; Date: Sun Feb 24 2019

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With the cries of YouTube Adpocalypse, let's take a look at one YouTube Creator's advertising revenue. This comes from yet another "Make Money Online" video stressing the potential of uploading videos to YouTube. As "proof of income" the guy shows his 2018 revenue, and completely skips over the huge revenue drop starting in mid-2018

In my quest to understand how to make a living through my websites, I've been watching a variety of Make Money Online videos. One theme has been to upload videos to YouTube.

We shouldn't be surprised at that advice, because it is being made by folks who are making money by uploading videos to YouTube. Their mindset is in that world, and therefore their lens to see the world is via making money on YouTube.

The attached video is one of many of this sort. One of the suggestions is explicitly YouTube video advertising revenue. Another suggestion is to join the Amazon Associates program -- to earn affiliate commissions through Amazon -- how? By uploading product review videos to YouTube.

In the middle of the video is the graph shown above. But, what is the graph showing? Yes the total is $72000 per year revenue, which is nothing to sneeze at, and would produce a comfortable lifestyle in many parts of the country. But it would not pay the production crew required for full time production of frequent videos.

The real thing being shown is not the total revenue, but a revenue drop in mid-2018. The presenter doesn't even mention that revenue drop, but instead brags and brags about the total. The revenue drop, however, is a big red flag.

He could have inserted a moment in that video to cry about the Adpocalypse. He did not, and instead is bravely suggesting several ways to earn revenue online. Obviously if ones business suffers a decline like this, the business needs other revenue sources to make up the loss from YouTube advertising revenue.

If your business, and the livelihood of your employees, is dependent on a flow of revenue, then how can the business survive such a revenue drop?

What is the cause of that decline? Did a Google algorithm change throw a wrench into the works? Was there a viewership decline? Was there demonitization of some videos?

Source: Social Blade

Over on (socialblade.com) Social Blade we see an answer to that question -- traffic dropped off on his channel. The channel happened to have a big traffic pop in the early part of 2018. His channel looks to be a flash in the pan given that traffic has fallen to almost the level in 2017 and earlier.


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