Top 5 Single Board Computers 2017

; Date: Sat Jun 17 2017

Tags: Linux Single Board Computers

What are the best linux-single-board-computer's? There are many of these things, and running linux on a tiny computer is awesome, but the wide variety makes it difficult to choose. Do you go with the Raspberry Pi just because it's the most popular? Or because your buddy down the street got one? Some of these computers have significantly important features giving a clear advantage for certain purposes.

  1. ASUS Tinker Board - extra features, at a premium price. The CPU has a high GHZ, it has 2GB memory, and the HDMI can output 4K video. That last bit makes it work well as a media player.

  2. Banana Pro - It has 1GHZ CPU, 1GB RAM, 1GB ethernet, and the primary feature is the SATA port. That makes it very suitable as a NAS device since it can directly use a real hard disk.

  3. LattePanda - Very high end, based on an x86 Atom computer, with 4GB memory, a 64 GB eMMC storage device, making it more like a a general-purpose computer.

  4. Raspberry Pi Zero W -- Very low cost but has decent power with a 1GHZ CPU and .5GB memory. This version of course adds WiFi. It's a Raspberry Pi and therefore is part of that huge ecosystem.

  5. Raspberry Pi 3 -- The third version of the hugely popular RPi. It is a great start if only because of the huge ecosystem of parts and tutorials and software.

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