The upcoming JCP Java ME Executive Committee Election

; Date: Tue Nov 11 2008

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Just in case you're not all election'd out, and just in case the recent election in the U.S. gave you some hope that things can change through elections, here's an opportunity to affect the direction of Java ME. JCP Java ME EC Election: Vote now for a Voice for Independent Developers by Terrence Barr is a good outline of circumstances related to the JCP and Java ME.

The role of the JCP is to oversee and coordinate specifications related to Java technologies. As Terrence said "Fundamentally, the JCP is a very open organization" and a large portion of the JCP membership is made up of individuals. However the EC's, especially in Java ME, are dominated by industry heavyweights. While the industry heavyweights do have a reason to be at the table and represented in decisions regarding Java technology directions, so too is there a reason and need for individuals to be represented in those same decisions. For some things the viewpoint of the individual, rather than the industry heavyweight, is very important to have in the deliberations.

Terrence makes a good case for Sean Sheedy, but since I don't know him I can't say whether or not Sean is a good choice. I do agree wholeheartedly that having individual independent developers represented in the JCP is vital for the JCP to be more representative of the whole of the Java ecosystem.

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