Browser makers walled javascript garden

; Date: Wed Aug 27 2008

Tags: Java

( Why JavaFX should be inlineable with HTML raises an interesting question in my mind. He's making a number of suggestions about JavaFX and many boil down to the power of "View Source" and perhaps JavaFX script code should be directly runnable as part of the source of a web page.

That's an interesting suggestion and maybe it would work well. It remains to be seen whether that equation could be implemented from a technical standpoint. However there's a non-technical control point which is in the way.

The browser makers so far have forced the web side programmers of the world into using exactly one language for scripting web pages: Javascript

Maybe this is dangerous ground to walk because of all the history. But it really strikes me as a walled garden which prevents other technologies from taking part in scripting behavior on web pages. Javascript a.k.a. ecmascript isn't a bad language, and clearly a lot of things can be accomplished with it. But why is that the only language which can be used?

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