JavaFX 1.0 is launched

(December 04, 2008) You can view the updated site, launch videos, sample apps, and more, at javafx.com .. well .. when the server comes back up, it's having a little bit of trouble at this moment. Anyway, I want to post a few thoughts..

The upcoming JCP Java ME Executive Committee Election

(November 11, 2008) Just in case you're not all election'd out, and just in case the recent election in the U.S. gave you some hope that things can change through elections, here's an opportunity to affect the direction of Java ME. JCP Java ME EC Election: Vote now for a Voice for Independent Developers by Terrence Barr is a good outline of circumstances related to the JCP and Java ME.

Is there a standard way to deploy a Java application?

(October 24, 2008) I've been thinking about this a bit recently and a comment on the javaposse google group tipped me into blogging mode. While (web.archive.org) discussing the recent shipping of JDK 6u10 Reinier Zwitserloot said On windows, and on linux, there is no java at all. It has to be installed separately. This is supremely annoying. There are odds the linux user has e.g. debian/ubuntu openjdk-6 installed, and on windows there's a chance that the manufacturer has shipped an auto-updating JDK out of the box, but there's no certainty there. On macs, at least, you know there's always a java, and a well integrated, if non-standard, way to deploy. ... outside the obvious statement of it would be nice for Java to be there in the operating system so it can be an assumed part of the infrastructure (thanks to OpenJDK we're moving in that direction for free OS's) this thought that there is a 'standard' way to deploy a Java app strikes me as being a little odd.

6u10 is out!

(October 21, 2008) We finally know the value for N in the equation 6uN .. N = 10. A (web.archive.org) set of slides have been posted discussing what's new. This release started out as Consumer JRE and became more, and more, and more, etc.. It's a relief to have this out in the public. The DLJ bundles for 6u10 are also available.

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