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; Date: Tue Apr 08 2008

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I think 'Into the light' is the name of an album by Ian Anderson, who is also the a band that's too old to rock'n'roll and too young to die. Anyway it is also ( Dalibor's way of announcing something really kewl. I am so tickled to have the opportunity to work with him more closely, so here's a few thoughts ..

In the pre-open source days .. the old days, back when we were arguing it wasn't necessary to open source the Java implementation .. to be honest I thought of Dalibor as a bit of a nuisance. Always asking embarrassing questions and I also thought the name 'Dalibor' had to be one of these made up screen names, and always wondered what his real name was. However over time we made our open source the Java implementation announcement. That made his questions less embarrassing, and I grew to know Dalibor, I learned that's his real name and I learned that he is a really nice guy with what I think of as an amazing approach to manifesting his vision for the world.

Dalibor, welcome to the team. I predict great fun.

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