JavaFX and slimming the JRE

; Date: Thu May 17 2007

Tags: Java

JavaFX is cool, right? Did you raise your hand when you said you wanted an JavaFX Mobile phone? I sure did.

Looking over blog entries since JavaONE I'm seeing a lot of angst... JavaFX adds to the bloat so how can this ever fly? Why doesn't Sun pay attention to the real problem and fix the bloat? etc etc etc ...

( Announcing the Consumer JRE (again!) covers something which we've been working on for awhile, and which we actually announced at JavaONE. The ConsumerJRE is a big step towards fixing the "bloat" problem (er.. in todays world of multigigabyte memory and hundred+ gigabyte disk on laptops, is "bloat" that big a problem anyway?) by making a smaller JRE, which caches some of the JRE in memory for fast startup, etc.

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