A useful testing technique to find deadlocks related to invokeAndWait

; Date: Thu Jan 19 2006

Tags: Java

Tom Hawtin writes about (web.archive.org) a deadlock he found in jedit 4.2. As he says: There was, however, a use of invokeAndWait. Sure enough the EDT was waiting on monitor locked by the thread calling invokeAndWait.

What's most interesting is a class he provides to help one automatically find those situations. It relies on a Mustang ability provided through the JMX support to query all held locks. The code looks to see if the Event Dispatch Thread is called with a parent stack frame in invokeAndWait, and then checks the locks. Really cool.

Source: (web.archive.org) weblogs.java.net


See also " (web.archive.org) Automatically detecting AWT event dispatch thread hangs"

Posted by: coxcu on January 30, 2006 at 03:30 PM

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