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; Date: Wed Oct 05 2005

Tags: Java

My colleague, (web.archive.org) Konstantin Boudnik, has begun blogging. He's discussed some of the tools we use (the Java SQE team) in our daily work to test Java. (see: Java quality's open-source tools)

For the last 2 months I've been studying what openness and transparency could mean to the Java Quality team. Overall the java team has this Peabody project going on where we are stepping towards being open and transparent. And I'm involved with Peabody to cover this from the Quality team aspect.

One of the items that's risen to the top is there's a huge overlap in work between our team and the people out in the world testing Java applications. We're both testing Java applications, it's just that our Java application is Java itself, while you people are focusing on your individual application. This makes for a lot of commonality in needs.

Hence, that commonality in needs makes for potentially fertile ground in collaborating on tool development.

We have done some small scale collaboration. For example we use Jemmy as a primary GUI automation tool, and we've had several periods of collaboration with Jemmy's author. But there's little reason we can't do more. Watch this space for further discussion.

Source: (web.archive.org) weblogs.java.net

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