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; Date: Mon Sep 05 2005

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I've been wanting to find an HTML editor that's an Applet suitable for integrating with the "content management systems". I've used several of the javascript-only editor applet's (should it be called an "applet" when it's written in Javascript?), and while they're okay I know that Java and Swing ought to be able to do better. I was hoping to find a java HTML editor applet to be able to do a fair comparison.

Enter, (web.archive.org) Kafenio.editor: a platform independent, open-source HTML-WYSIWYG-Editor. (note: it's still in beta)

There's both screenshots and a demo on the web site. It looks really good.

I did find a couple small issues using it on my Mac. e.g. the common issue of using CTRL-B for selecting bold rather than COMMAND-B. It's just beta software so we can expect a couple rough edges.

Looks to be a good start.

Source: (web.archive.org) weblogs.java.net


There are a number of Java-based WYSIWYG HTML editor applets which have been out of beta for years now. I happen to work for a company (Ephox) that makes one (EditLive! for Java).

Regarding using control instead of command - that's an Apple bug that they seem to consider a feature. Safari doesn't pass through command shortcuts to the applet when they are the same as Safari's shortcuts so unfortunately applets have to use control instead or give up half the keys on the keyboard. Generally users seem happier to just use control and the standard key than to use command and non-standard keys. I can't encourage people enough to log this as a bug with Apple to encourage them to fix it (Apple use duplicates as a measure of priority).

Posted by: ajsutton on September 05, 2005 at 02:29 PM

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