Software tools for Linux

Bring sanity to your desk by installing the Barrier KVM

(October 13, 2022) Having multiple computers is great except for dealing with multiple keyboards and mice. Barrier is easy-to-use-and-install a software pseudo-KVM to control multiple computers from one keyboard/mouse.

How to install Basher, the shell script package manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

(July 25, 2019) Basher is a package manager for shell scripts, meaning it simplifies the process of installing software tools implemented using the Bourne Again Shell (a.k.a. Bash). In the past authors of such tools might have been required to get their tool registered with the Debian package manager, or some other OS-level package management system. With Basher, there's no registration with a central authority. Instead packages distributed using Basher are simply Github repositories with certain characteristics.

Why use Flatpak on Linux (Ubuntu), and how to get started

(January 16, 2022) For time immemorial, on Linux we've used "packages" for distributing software. This boils down to, we're installing DEB or RPM packages, and that's how it's been for a couple decades at least. But that model is flawed, and Flatpak aims to fix a number of problems while improving system security.