BBC unveils trailer for Time War staring Paul McGann? BBC promoting Big Finish audio plays

; Date: Mon Oct 30 2017


The Time War occurred between the 7th Doctor and the 9th Doctor, meaning that Paul McGann's 8th Doctor as well as John Hurt's War Doctor, were involved. Given that John Hurt has since died, any airing of any Time War story will then fall on Paul McGann's shoulders. Which brings us to a trailer the BBC just unveiled, showing The Time War, lots of Daleks, starring Paul McGann, Rakhee Thankrar, Jacqueline Pearce, and Nicholas Briggs as The Daleks. The trailer then ends with Peter Capaldi telling us to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel -- indicating that yes indeed this video is an official BBC/Doctor Who thing.

Uh... wait, what? Does this mean that the BBC will air something on Television staring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor exploring the Time War? Oh, what yummy thoughts that brings.

But... sigh... you then read in the description of the video: The Time War begins for The Eighth Doctor in this new series from Big Finish Productions.

What's actually happening is that Big Finish has a new Audio series, released in October, The Time War 1. See: (

While McGann had only one airing on television as The Doctor, he's had years and years of experience making Big Finish audios as the 8th Doctor. The situations he's been facing have grown more and more intertwined with machinations of the High Council of the Time Lords.

An example is The Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA), invented by Big Finish, and consisting of a group of Time Lords acting outside the bounds of regular Rule of Law to further what they think will protect or grow Gallifreyan society. The CIA has concocted all kinds of crazy schemes to that end, and McGann's Doctor has had a hand in thwarting those plans. One can see in McGann's story arc a Time War looming out there in his future.

And, here it is finally, Time War Seris 01. Should be interesting. May McGann be kept busy for years to come making new Doctor Who episodes.

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