Cyborg Tanks hell-bent on racial purity, cleansing the universe of all inferiors - The Daleks

; Date: April 11, 2017

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The Daleks have been The Doctors longest-running enemy. They were people once, but a thousand-year-long war against the Thals forced them to remake their race into cyborg tanks intent on racial purity and being the superior race of the galaxy. Taking that to it's logical conclusion, the Daleks develop over time technological mastery way beyond anyone's imagination, but dedicated to the cause of wiping out all other inferior life forms.
When the Doctor first met the Daleks they were already dangerous
Dalek Invasion of Earth - The Daleks take over London
The Chase - Old-school Daleks had specialized instruments they could use
Dalek Master Plan - Such as flame throwers
Power of the Daleks
Evil of the Daleks - The Doctor faces, and destroys, the Emporer Dalek on Skaro
Day of the Daleks - They've also come in different colors
Day of the Daleks
Planet of the Daleks - They tried being invisible, but spray paint revealed The Daleks
Death to the Daleks - on the planet Exxilon
Genesis of the Daleks - We meet the Dalek creator, Davros, and the Doctor gets an opportunity to commit genocide and prevent the Dalek menace, but refuses
Destiny of the Daleks - They return to Skaro, and a fight with The Doctor and his companion, Romana #2
The Five Doctors - The first look inside a Dalek casing at the creature living in the tank
Resurrection of the Daleks - Another meeting with Davros as he tries to improve his Daleks
Revelation of the Daleks
Remembrance of the Daleks - we not only meet the Special Weapons Dalek, and see two strains of Daleks fighting each other, but see the first flying Dalek who's no longer stumped by a stairwell
Dalek - The first New Series, first post-Time-War, sighting of a Dalek. This one somehow escaped being destroyed in the Time War.

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