Tom Baker first interview as The Doctor

; Date: June 30, 2018

Tags: Doctor Who

This interview occurred while Tom Baker was in caverns filming an episode, but before any of his episodes had aired, and Tom Bakers life had not yet been flipped on its head. He says he enjoys going to the pub and hanging out with friends, but expects that may change once the episodes are aired. See this to get an idea of what Tom Baker before the fame went to his head. Oh, and, "Would you like a Jelly Baby?"

Tom Baker 1st Doctor Who Interview

Tom Baker interview from 1974. I believe this must be his earliest Doctor who interview. It was filmed when on location for the episode 'Revenge of the Cybermen' and the interviewer doesn't seem to know know what he looks like (though I suspect that part to be a bit staged) and is even surprised by his Doctor outfit.

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